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new photo.....haha there she is the old cancer bag is back

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just in case you think I have discovered the fountain of youth....fear not!!! I am still an old cancer bag. this is a picture of my daughter and her fiancee taken at the wedding of friends of theirs last weekend in Toronto. It was a beautiful wedding....all so young and hopeful. Everything was great until after dinner when the DJ put on the music sooooo loudly and the kids started to dance Well I just had to play that olde cancer card and exit stage right.

For about a month now I have had pain very low down on the front of my abdomen.....finally made an appointment with my GP....do you ever get to the point where you almost don't want to know anything more....???? gosh I am tired of cancer....

let you know Friday what she has to say


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Maggie May

And I just thought that was an old high school photo of you:)

We're all worn out cancer bags aren't we?

Wedding sounds nice and how wonderful you were "here" to be there.

I hope nothing is going on for you, cancer wise. And I'll be on pins and needles hoping for a good report - maybe just too much Candadian Thanksgiving stuffing, eh?


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yes we are getting worn down.....how much more can they do to us????

just a bad day I guess babes.....thanks


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But disappointed l though it was you!
Cheer up Mags!

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right pepe....that's me all right....40 years ago.....

it was a Vintage Wedding and the girls all had a fur coat. this one was in my attic from my mother.....haven't looked at it in thirty years....not my thing....however the kids are wearing fur again...

thanks I'll cheer up right now :) :) :)


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I thought you HAD found the fountain of youth so I was going to ask for directions! Great picture.

Sorry about your lower pain and I will pray for you that all goes well with your GP.

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Lori...you Always make me smile....thanks girl.

when I did 5 FU ....all the skin on my face peeled off and it was like fresh skin. that was 5 years ago and all the brown spots and liver spots and wrinkles are back....

don't know the directions to the fountain but I'd be interested in a road trip if you would consider....lol


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Mags...your daughter is very pretty.We haven't donned our coats down here yet.

"do you ever get to the point where you almost don't want to know anything more....????"

Yes I do. I am putting off going to the Doc right now because I know it is just gonna' be more of the same, more doctor visits, more medicine, probably a MRI, etc. and honestly I am afraid to go.I haven't been through near what many others on this board have. I'm just a wuss.

Let us know Friday and I am hoping all is well.Hugs to you Mags.


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I noticed the new photo + wondered if it was your daughter. She is beautiful! What a great idea - vintage wedding. It is so nice you were able to be there too. I hope all goes well on Friday; it is good you are addressing it.

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Saw your comment about the low abdomen pain and think it is like mine, scar tissue. My oncologist's PA can actually grab mine and duplicate the on and off again dull pain. I'm 6 years out and it still scares me but nothing like it used to until I got "the answer".

I started doing ab exercises a while back and thought they were helping until I got out and tilled my garden for a couple of hours the other day. That ole familiar pain is just starting to wane but the ab exercises are helping the pain be less intense and changing my scars too.

Please let us know what you hear Friday!

Mucho love my dear friend,


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And, yes, it's GREAT being a mom, when you get to show off pics like this!!!!

As far as 'old cancer bags'....well, me, too! But I like the other choice even less...ROFL!

I will put you in my prayers, dearheart, that is is nothing...please let us know asap!

BIG hugs, Kathi

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I don't know, Mags... I think your daughter looks an awful lot like you!! I'm thinking she has got a lot of your genes and kids these days... she's not being unique at all, she's copying you!! Such a copycat :D

Seriously... she is lovely, but it doesn't surprise me one little bit, considering who her mom is :)


Your Fellow Canuck :)

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She is beautiful!! But of course she is, you're her momma!

Thinking about you and praying all is well in your abdomen. Yes, we are all tired of cancer. So ready for a cure already!


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thank you my darling darlings....it never ever ever ceases to amaze me what an incredibly generous bunch of people you are.

Lisa you are probably right....here's hoping it's scar tissue....I was thinking tonight maybe I will just cancel the doc. the fear of cancer is so strong....did I say it got better???

I have a great fear of bothering doctors. I hate to go and say....well you see I have this nagging blah blah blah....but you know what ...." I think that's what got me to stage 4 cancer by keeping my mouth shut and putting up with it.

I have a dear friend who has recently been diagnosed with endometrial spelling??? cancer and I find every step I take with her....surgery and now chemo....it makes me revisit every step I have taken. I want to walk with her and I will but gosh it's tough....I think about her all the time and I don't want to tell her how tough chemo is but I don't want to mislead her either....

geeeee!!!! isn't cancer swell? NOT

I love you


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When I called to make an appointment, I would usually say "It's probably just canceritis, but....."...

I ALWAYS gave in to my body aches and twinges...like you said....I wrote off all of the symptoms of my rectal cancer as stress...I SWORE that I would never be embarassed to ask for help, ever again!!!

From a 'seasoned' support person (I just started my 20th new cancer warrior): Be careful about getting too involved with your friend. I know, sounds heartless, but you need to keep a tiny bit of distance, and, whatever you do, do NOT identify with her...if she asks about a certain something, say "Well, for me, it was.... But everyone is different, call your doctor and ask...they are there to help you!"

BIG hugs, beautiful lady!

Hugs, Kathi

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That is such a beautiful picture and you have a very lovely daughter. Hope everything goes well at the doctor. Maybe you just pulled a muscle. Good luck at the appointment. You are in my prayers.


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She's a looker...like her mama!!!!! Prayers to you on the stomach thingy! take care


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Dear Maggie,

You certainly have a lovely daughter. As for the fur, well you know if we hang on to things long enough they come back in fashion. The only thing I don't think will make it is the 'paper dress', due to environmentalists..lol. And yes, I did have one!

Be a good girl, keep your doctor's appointment, so you can find out what is causing the pain, otherwise it will just keep nagging at ya.

Prayers for only good news from your doc.


Marie who loves kitties

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you can certainly tell whom she took after...she is a beauty.....let me know if he gives her any trouble............can she cook ? teasin sweetie....she is a beauty, thanks for sharing her picture...and yeah I think scouty's right on the prognosis........Love to you, Buzz

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What can I say?? Your daughter has such regal bearing, I'd swear she was a princess of a Russian Czar. Like mother, Like daughter.
Beautiful daughter, beautiful mother.
Winter Maire

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I'm with you there, girlfriend! Some days it just sucks. Don't even think about cancelling that appointment! Better to find out you're just being overly sensitive than to find out you let something go needlessly! Probably just scar tissue, like you said, but could be a bladder infection too! Let us know, and keep strong!

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Mary that is so interesting you should say that....some days I feel like my bladder is going to drop out and just 4 weeks ago I was treated for a bladder infection but I am not sure the antibiotic worked

wow just 5 minutes ago I am sitting with hubby saying.....yes for sure I am not going to tomorrow ....I must cancel....I just don't know what to say.....it's like....ok Dr H...you see I just don't feel good good from the waist down.....yahhh that makes sense...not


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Where is "the old cancer bag"? AllI see is beautiful you!

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.....oh wait, it's Maggie May:)

You're right, Anne - if she is an old cancer bag, what does that make me, LOL:)

Hullabaloo Canuck Canuck!


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I'm praying you get only good answers when you see the doctor.


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