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Update on my Bro.....***Added Pic of Chuck in Expressions****

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Hi Guys!!!!
Dang.... I have missed you guys...Dang!!!! Thanks Beth for your post on me and CONGRATS on that wonderful scan...Party Naked!!!...oh wait... or is that Dance naked???....oh hell..let's party and dance naked!!! woohoo!!! I am feeling great and I ain't even had no scan!!!

Bro Chuck is doing much much better. Swelling in head...GONE... Swelling in both knee caps was "just" swelling... no breaks. Back also was just a bruised up mess. The main injuries are both his arms are broke in multiple places and the left arm has to have a plate put in elbow area since it is shattered. BUT... God has been answering all the prayers and recovery is happening. I guess the worst thing on top of the healing pain is the fact that that kid got a lawyer and got bond posted and got out last night. Not so good since he lives 300 ft. from Chucks front door. Chuck was just released from the hospital & could not sleep at all last night as he was too nervous to close an eye for fear of fire. So friggin sad. By the way, found out that the kid DID throw a lit cigarette on fuel before himand his Mom took off. As saturated as his porch was I just can't believe it didn't ignite. TY God! State's Atty said today that they were not going to file attempted murder charges because with the Agg Battery/Arson.... the sentence would be stiffer and more. Ok by me. Anyway, Chuck is staying here at my house tonite and will continue to go home during the day and return here at night so he can sleep good. It will all work out.

I read Chuck all of your posts and he just bowed his head and sobbed. He was just as touched as I that people he don't even know would offer such compassion, prayers and just "care" when they have such full plates theirselves. Thank you all SOOOO much for that. Oh gosh...here I am crying again...but they are good tears. I love you all so much!

I have to catch up on the board now and see what you all have been up to. I am so happy to be HOME. Now if the Cowboys would just quit acting like girls...life would be good!!! LOL


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Tell Chuck "hey"!

Hope all continues to go well - nerve wracking that the guy is right next door! Maybe a temporary restraining order would help as well to keep him as far off the property as possible. I'd be upset if the guy was out and living next door after what he did.

Things will prevail and I know this will somehow turn out good.

As far as the 'Boys, I'm ROFLMAO! Couldn't happen to a "greedier" owner, LOL:)

You take care of yourself and Chuck!


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Chuck is getting an order of protection tomorrow morning against the kid and the mother...so we are thinking on the same lines. I know how you feel about the "owner"...I just bet you are getting a good laugh!! Oh..and about that Christmas card nonsense...shut up! Like when do you gotta give to get???? Like you ain't GAVE enough already???? Kim...slap him! LOL..... Love ya!!!


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We have all been sending up prayers!!! YEA!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Who is that movie star in your picture???? Nice! I'm thinking we need to head on back to Texas and get drunk with Beth..... do some serious "Texas Style" celebrating...hey...we might even find that cowboy!!!! LOL


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Dear Jennie,

So very glad to hear that Chuck is on the mend and camping out at your place at night. Send him a 'howdy' from Redskin territory!

It is so amazing that he is out of the hospital so quickly.

Once again I have to wonder why our legal system is sooooooo messed up. Given what happened that kid deserved to be in jail until trial. After all not a question of did he or didn't he...have an eye witness!

Take care and hugs to you both,

Marie who loves kitties

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Thanks for the well wishes. Gave Chuck your "howdy". By the way, McNabb is a one of my favorite QB. Although the skins coach dogged him last week!!!! errrrr. Monday Night football should be good this coming week with skins/eagles.... Detective told me that kid will not in no way get out of this without some heavy time. no way!... I hope not. You take care.


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Awesome! Tell Chuck that we're all VERY happy to know he's going to be okay!


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What do you mean "quit acting like girls"; girls are great! LOL.

Seriously I am glad your brother is healing. That was a lot of damage from 1 kid! I can't believe that kid threw a match on the porch. I am so glad he has bad aim or something! The kid is lucky too that fire did not take off. I am thankful the girlfriend called you or who knows what shape your brother could be in. It is hard to believe that kid got out on bail + is allowed to live so close to the victim. I live in Canada, so laws are different but here aggravated assault is a very serious charge. I know because we were involved in a case when our younger daughter was injured in a stupid teenage prank. Two youths (17 yr olds) + 2 adults (18)were charged with aggravated assault + all 4 plead guilty to the next most serious. By the time they each came to court to plead, my daughter had healed perfectly. The last judge said that if my daughter hadn't recovered so well the sentences would have been more severe. I would suggest documenting Chuck's injuries + recovery. I am glad your brother has you close by keeping an eye on him. Please tell him warm thoughts for healing are coming to him from Canada.

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Sorry, haven't been on line much, in the wilds of Washington, in other words, at my Mom's retirement community, thankfully a friend from the next town over (I've known her for 30 years) comes over with her computer and wifi.
Ask the DA if they will also charge Home Invasion, another extremely nasty count against the little b@st@rd, (well at least in California, we had one of those once, they threw the book at the juveniles).
I'm glad that your brother is home (yours) and please let him know we're all still a praying for his FULL recovery.
What a good sister you are. Pats on back to you my dear.
And as for you dear "Cowboys", my poor sweet Bengals aren't doing that well so far either.
Big sigh!!!
Luv and hugs your way,
Winter Marie

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I'm so glad your brother is getting better and he has you. You're a great sis!

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unbelievable that the guy is out, hope is out on bail,isn't ?.

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So glad to hear that Chuck is home with you and recovering ok. I wish him much luck and a speedy recovering. HUGS to you all.

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So glad that your brother was able to leave the hospital. That kid has some serious issues. Your brother has every right to be afraid of this kid coming back. Glad he has such a wonderful sister as you to watch out over him. Praying that he heals quickly.

Hugs! Kim

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I am so glad that Chuck is doing so well! God indeed is listening and caring for him! I pray his recovery continues, mentally as well as physically. I can imagine he's going to have some hard nights for many nights to come; be sure to document this aspect of his wounds as well! I also pray for you, as you add this battle to your journey; stay strong!

I can't believe his attacker is out on bail, given that he lives so close to his victim! Just ANOTHER example of what is wrong with our justice system! Considering it appears he attempted to murder your brother, it is truly unbelievable! And what he used is easily accessible for a second try! I pray God continues to protect Chuck in the days ahead.

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you and Sundance come and join the SKINS bangwagon !!!!!!!!!!!

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I wrote the inscription "Hail to the Redskins!" on your magazine. And that's never happened before - only for you!

Let's not get too carried away:)


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Ya... I'm with Craig...lets not get toooooo carried away. Still gotta support my Boys...no matter what....but mighty neighborly of ya!!!!! You take care


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Hi Jennie,

I'm glad to hear Chuck is recovering. Yeah, it's scary that the kid got out of jail and is living next door. I'm glad you were able to get a restraining order & glad that Chuck is able to spend the night at your place. When will the nightmare end?!
I'll keep prayiing for his ongoing recovery and also for protection from the kid and that the kid will be put away soon.


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I am glad some healing has taken place and I hope for the best with the rest of it. I am glad you read the posts to him, what a wonderful idea. I hope it helped restore some of his faith in humanity. I pray all continues to go well for you all and that the kid who did this gets his.

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Jennie this has been a very disturbing event....I cannot imagine how you are your brother are coping.

sending all the best


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Great news to hear that your brother is out of the hospital and that he's not as bad as I had feared. It's just hard to imagine that a young kid could be so vicious - he'll certainly get his someday! Please give Chuck our best wishes for a speedy recovery. And you take care of yourself too. Hugs, Cynthia

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For all of you that I have not had time to personally thank....THANK YOU!!!! I have posted a hospital pic of Chuck on my expression page. Take care.


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