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Hair growth

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How long after chemo is finished does it take for the hair to start growing? It is almost 4 weeks since I finished chemo and don't see much growth of any hair. Is there something that is good to use on the head for hair growth? Thank you very much. Cindy

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It varies, but I wouldn't worry. Mine started out as fuzz. I haven't heard of anything to put on your head, but it seems if anything would work it would be scalp stimulation. Do you have a cat? Just kidding...;)

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my son shaved his head the same day I did ( in my honor ) and he has had 2 haircuts and needs another soon, and I'm just getting fuzz not on top though, mine was from radiation
don't worry enjoy the the easy care no shampoo or cream rinse no curling irons and hair dryers I guess I just like to look at the good side, lol hope it grows quickly for you

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Thank you both very much for you comments. Just found out yesterday I will be having Radiation. Fun continues-Take care medi and nana. Cindy

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