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thank you for your welcome

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hello, my name is shaun. i live in barcelona spain. my mother who is 73 was diogonised on august the 26 2010 with lung cancer.this has broken my heart i did not know what to do or say. but my mother is a very postive person always smile. 3 weeke ago my mother had her right lung removed, but the same evening she had to have another surgery because her blood vessel burst. and then her lung colappsed. its been a very hard time for her, i speak to the doctor and he tell me the surgery was a great sucseeful, i ask him what stage was the cancer ?? he told me T1 OR T2. and the tumor was not so big, i ask does she need chemo . he says does not know until he gets the results back. its been 3 weeks we should have the results by now ?
i am not a very religouse person . yestaday the pope came to barcelona to bless our church sagarda familla this church is next to my house when i see the pope he bless us. and today iam told my mother is going home so very happy. can you please tell me if my mother is going to be ok. will live or will she die in a couple of years. please forgive my writing english is very bad. thank you all.

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Hi Shaun,

Welcome, Sorry your about your mom. Did your mom just have part of her lung removed? A lobectomy with the vats procedure, or did she have an entire lung removed. Either or the dr probably would not have removed the lung if your mom could not function properly and breath. If the stage was a 1 or 2 then the cancer would have been caught early which is a good thing. The fact that the dr said it was a great success is very good news. When the cancer is caught early the prognosis is usually good and your mom should be okay. Please reply back with more information. You and your mom are in my prayers. Lori

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You should have heard back from your doctor by now about the lymph nodes. Call him and ask him for the lab results. Be proactive. Let us know what happens. It just may be that somehow they missed making the phone call to you.

(((Hugs))) and prayers for you and your Mom


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hello thank you for your advice, i have called the doctor this morning. and i have asked him i need to know the lab test results. his sectary told me she will call me later today. i will let you know what he tells me. and thank you skipper.

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