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ok need help with questions to ask for my 1 year visit

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hello all,
I am going to be coming up to my 1 year visit with my doc , I have a few questions, I was wondering if any of you have suggestions on questions to ask. or questions you wanted to ask.
getting a little ancy about this visit, still have that first doctors voice in my head (you ARE going to die in 1 to 2 years , better get used tot that!)
feeling good right now, but I was feeling great when I was diagnosed with stage 4b endometrial cancer!
visit is thursday, it cant come soon enough!!
any suggestions would be greatfully accepted :)
cathy k

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I wouldn't listen to any gloom and doom. I call those physicians the pall bearers.

I was dx with Stage 4B endo cancer in April 2007.

Good luck,


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What a dreadful thing to say to some one who is diagnosed with a horrible disease. You lady, show him what you are made of, you are doing great. What type of cancer was it? I was dx with Endo MMMT 1a grade 3. I too would like to know what questions to ask. My app is November 23, whenever I think of it I want to go to the bathroom. I will look out for your posts Cathy. You have many more happy years ahead of you. We all do on this board. Continue being well and positive. June

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hey , forgot to add, the doc that told me I was going to die in 1 to 2 years was fired, I have a great doc now,
just wondering if anyone has had a few very important questions to add to my small list to ask the doc,
my former doc , did not give a ca125 test before operation so I have no base for my ca 125 and my new doc is mad about that but she says there are still a few docs that do not trust ca 125
also seen that people who have had endometrial cancer is more likely to get breast cancer,
just wondering any other questions that may be good to ask her now that I am one year clear .
thanks all
cathy K

hopeful girl 1
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Good luck with your one year visit and congratulations on 1 year! That is wonderful.
I have read the best thing we can do is laugh and be happy-it boosts the immune system.

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Am hoping that your check up is just perfect! You have been through a great deal this part year and I am soooo happy that you have found a kind, compassionate physician. Dealing with cancer is not easy, and it even MUCH harder when you have a physician who doesn't seem to care and obviously is rude and indifferent! That is NOT what anyone needs when they are fighting for their life!

Best wishes to you!! Will await your update!


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