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Thank you in advance for all. I am a 42 years old woman and started to feel a lump on my upper right thigh about three weeks ago. It has tripled in size since then and became painful. Not only to the touch, but also throughout my entire leg and lower back. It's obviously affecting the nerves and surrounding tissues. I had a liposarcoma removed from the same leg, above the ankle when I was 15 years old, so as a big chunk of the tissues surrounding the area. So it was in the early eighties. My parents were told that it was all gone after the few following visits. I never had anything nor felt any lump anywhere else since then. I'have been living in the USA for 12 years. I'm French, born and raised there until the age of thirty. I'm a single mother of five, and grand mother of two. I am blessed. Our entire family is in France, which I must admit is emotionally difficult at times. Especially at this time. So, long story short: I meet with another doctor in a clinic where people can get basic help when they don't have health insurance. The first one I saw this past Friday made it clear that she couldn't do anything for me except calling a colleague whom she knew would be able to guide me to the next step I had to take. Nevertheless, she clearly explained to me that since I didn't have health insurance it would be an issue to find a specialist and low cost treatment. I don't know what to do, where to go, what to tell to my children. From what I've been reading it is crucial to get the proper surgery. We live in Lancaster Pa. I have read that Hopkins in Baltimore has the quality care that I would need. Is there any plans or options for getting treatment at low cost anywhere? I don't have a problem participating financially with all that I can. At this point I'm willing to be a guinea pig for research if it's the only way to get treatment! I just don't know who to talk to? The WEB is one resource to get help and support. Needless to say that I'm scared, and have been turning my life over to the care of God. I find peace as well as I can find the courage to reach out and ask for help to other human beings :-)
I have an immense gratitude for this web site and those making this kind of support available to ignorant people like me. Merci beaucoup!

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You can contact the recommended facility (should be a sarcoma center) and see if the offer financial help. Many do. Just google the name and check out the website.
Also google "sarcoma center" and see what is available to you. Check them all out for those that would offer help

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