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I am done

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Well after the last MRI the Cancer Orthopedic Surgeon still feels the big mass in my arm is a fat deposit so he truly doesn't think having it removed will be of any help to me and the problems I have been having with the pain in that area. He still thinks that my shoulder needs surgery and to wait for that surgeons opinion and I guess at that point I will have him be another opinion on the huge lump in my arm.
After much talking about this I am tired of seeing doctors though I still have to see a specialist about the MS symptoms and now the good leg is draggin too. Oh what fun this 50th year has been for me but one good thing is I am back working and took on a PARTNER so that we can work less hours and we can both relieve some of the stress of doing big houses and big jobs by ourselves. Wow what a difference that has already made to my pain levels.
I am probably going to do all I can not to have more surgery since I don't fair well with those side affects. I have also found out there is another bad strain of infection going around in hospitals and want no part of that so I guess time will tell what will happen to me in the long run.
I know when it is time to give up pushing these lumps and move on in my life something I should be use to do after all I have been through since my Breast Cancer Battle 14 years ago. Life does go on and one has to grab onto all they can to move forward instead of that backwards feeling...

Love to all

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