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Premature Grandsons

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Hi everyone. This last week has been very hard. It did not involve cancer, scans or tests. My twin grandsons were born very prematurely at 27 weeks. The events leading up to their birth are hard to think about and so I will not include them here, but the little guys and their mom and dad are doing as well as can be expected.

Their names are Luke-he weighs 2lbs 3 1/2oz, and Jacob-he weighs 2 lbs 3oz. They are in the NICU at an area hospital and will be there for sometime, and they are holding their own.

I mentioned this is so hard. It is hard to have to watch your kids go through this. This pregnancy has had many challenges and my daughter-in-law and son have delt with the most difficult of situations. How my heart hurts for them and it is hard seeing my little grandsons in the NICU and all that is involved there, yet I am so very grateful that they are there and am grateful for the care they are receiving.

If you are so inclined we would love to have your prayers and thoughts as we take each hour and day that comes. Please also think of my son and daughter-in-law.

Thanks everyone.
(Just so you know that even in this time I think about my bother and sister semi's. I can not imagine life without you.)

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I've been thinking about you and those grandbabies since the first time you posted about them.
They are born, sure, their small, sure they'll take some time in the hospital to grow, but they will do well, I pray for that, one of my grandsons was premature, it was a two hour drive each way to see him, but every day after work I was there, my daughter was there every moment she could be with her first "baby", he's a wonderfully healthy 12 years old now.
Love and prayers and best wishes you families way,
Winter Marie

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on the birth of these two dolls. We will definitely want to see photos. I am sorry this was such a complicated pregnancy. One of my sisters had a preemie. She is now 6 + as bright as a whip! There is so much that can be done that couldn't be done many years ago. And, at least here, they are monitored very closely. I wish all of you all the best + appreciate you coming here at such a busy time. Take good care!

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First, congratulations on the twins, Second, thanks for letting us know about their birth when I know that things are so very busy and difficult for you right now. I know that 27 weeks is way earlier than anyone wants. There will be some long and hard days ahead but, thank goodness they are holding their own and I wish for only the best for them and your son and daugther in law. Just be there with love and please remember to take care to get enough rest for yourself too. Prayers of joy that the grandsons are here and prayers that all of you continue to do well.

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Sorry to hear about your grandsons but do not give up hope for them. My twin granddaughters were also born at 27 weeks in July of 2009. I will not say that they are problem free but they have survived and are both doing well. They each weighed about 1.5 lbs at birth and have had multiple surgeries since then.There will likely be issues for a long time with these little guys but think positive and continue to pray for them. We will add them to our prayers also.

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everything it's going to be fine we will pray for that !

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Hi Jan, I'm new on here and getting to know so many new people. Congratulations on the babies, and at the same time prayers for you and all of your family.


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Our thoughts and prayers are going out to you and your entire family. Please take care.
Linda and El

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My prayers are with you and your young family, Jan. Hugs to you - Tashina

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My thoughts and prayers go especially out to those two little ones and your son, DIL and you. Can't even imagine what you and they are going through. Please keep us posted.


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Hi Jan,

I was wondering how your daughter was doing with the pregnancy. Congratulations on their birth, although I'm sad they were born so early.
Amazing things can happen- really.
I will keep them, plus your daughter and son in law in my prayers.


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Nana b
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Bless these babies and their parents. And, please bless grandma and take her wires away. hugs!!

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Hoping all goes well with those precious little angels and all of your family. Medicine has advanced so much for preemies since I had my children. Thank goodness, these babies have a very good chance of thriving.

You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Thank you everyone for your prayers and kind words, it really helps! The babies have a long road and today it really hit what it was going to be like, a lot of ups and downs. My sweet husband and I will be there with my son and daughter in law all the way-they are an amazing couple.
My daughter in law (think of her as our daughter actually) is doing great. She had such complications that we could have lost her on Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. There were blood clots and many other issues happening all at once, but thankfuly she is just fine. I almost get sick when I think about what could have been, but then I cry tears of joy that she is fine!
The babies are having the "normal" difficulties that premies have. What every that means, and we are taking all this as it comes. We have made it through 3 full days and that is encouraging. So we will work at this as we do the cancer thing-one step at a time. It is going to be a long process and we are prepared to go the distance.

Thanks again everyone, and remember you will are always in my thoughts and prayers. I might be quiet for a while but I will be checking on you often. If you need anything I am still here though just not making much noise. Love you all.


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Thanks so much for checking in and updating us. Yes, the road can be long a bit bumpy with premies and I am so glad to hear that your daugther in law has come out of it Ok. Sometimes our experiences with cancer really help us through other things. Take care of yourself too!
HUGS & Prayers

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Oh I so hate to hear this, but I am sure they are getting the best of care! They are and will be true little fighters, I pray that the rest of their lives will be much easier than their start in this big old world.

I will keep your little guys and your son and daughter in law in my prayers....please keep us posted on your little angels..


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Oh, Jan.

I pray everything will be fine. I know it's so tough for you and the parents. Please know that we're all here for you.


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