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Brother Hurt

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I know this is not a cancer related issue but you guys are my family and I need to share this. Some of you know my brother Chuck... he attended Colonpalooza with me. When we returned from Texas his live in girlfriend (Nicole) had left him. She was not so happy about him going. It just so happens she is his next door neighbor as well. She has a home next door to my bro with her 17 year old son. Yesterday they got into an arguement on his porch...not physical...only yelling...and she stormed off back to her house. Evidently her son had heard them argueing and when she got back home he told her he was sick of it and was putting an end to it. He went next door to confront my bro. It was at that time she called me and told me what was up and she needed help cause she could not control her son. While she was talking to me her son came back home and when he walked in the door she screamed "Oh my God...what have you done" She said her son was standing there.... with a bloody baseball bat and had just beat my bro with it. I said I was calling the cops and hung up. Me and my husband rushed across town to my bro's. When we got there Nicole and the son had left their house. I guess cause they thought I had called the cops. I had not yet at this time did that. I went to my bro's door and it was locked...I beat on the door...no answer...I called his phone and could hear it ringing inside but he was not answering...his shoes were outside on the porch... I knew he was in there.. I then called the cops for help. Also, when we arrived at his house we noticed there was gasoline all over his porch and all over his house. Could not figure that out at the time. Police came and bust down the door and we found my bro unconscious inside. He had been badly beaten with that bat. Blood was everywhere. Oh my God... my heart sank... I thought he was dead. Ambulance took him to the hospital and he woke on the way...very out of it but told the story of how the son bust thru his door and beat him with that bat for argueing with his Mom. Chuck said he just put his arms up to block blows and then passed out when the bat hit him in the head. I have been at hospital with him since 10pm last nite. After all testing was done they said both his arms are broke. His left elbow is so crushed from that bat that he has to have surgery on it and they don't know if he will ever be able to use it again. Several bones in the other arm are cracked but on both sides of his wrist are 2 big breaks which renders that arm useless. His CT scan showed no brain/skull damaged. just a few stitches there and a lot of lumps. Doc said he must have some hard head. Both his knee caps are swollen. The right worse than the left but xrays are not reliable at this time because of the swelling. However, he can not walk at all. Cannot put any pressure on his legs. We have to wait for swelling to go down in many areas so xrays can be retaken. He has swelling in his back where you can actually see shoe marks. Verdict is out on that right now too. The police did find and arrest the guy last night. He is being held without bail on 4 felony counts. Agg Battery... Home invasion (which is a felony in Illinois)...attempted murder....and...the gas we smelled??? The kid admitted to police that he thought he had killed chuck and was going to burn him and the evidence up.... so 4th charge was attempted Arson. He is being tried as an adult. What a nightmare this has been. Have to get back to the hospital. Thank you for letting me vent. I have cried during this whole conversation with you and I really needed that. Love you guys!


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What a nightmare is right - thank goodness the guy did not light the house up and burn it down.

Unbelievable and I'm really speechless! Sounds like Chuck is lucky to be alive after that merciless attack - I'm sorry this has happened to me - it's a crazy world anymore and people go to extremes.

I certainly hope that Chuck gets better and regains functionality in his arms and legs - and that this perpetrator is tried and convicted.

And I'm sorry his girlfriend has left him - what a great welcome back, huh?

On the one bright note, I know Chuck did have a wonderful time down here during his stay and I'm glad for that.

And I'm soo sorry for you as well, to have to go through that - know you love your brother very much - and you know how I feel about sisters and brothers loving each other.


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I am so sorry to hear this and wish for the very best for your brother. Please remember to take care of yourself too. I know this is a horrible thing to go through. Remember to take a break.

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the stress it may caused to you.
cheer up Jennie !

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Jennie, Your brother will be in my prayers! I am so sorry for you all! Like Lori said, don't forget YOU, sounds like your brother will need a lot of support in the months to come and he'll need you well also!

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Kerry S
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We are with you darlin.


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I am so sorry that this happened. It is just unbelievable. Mercifully the GF's son didn't light the match and burn the house down. We are here for you.


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If there is anything I can do (from across the country, granted, but still...there are planes....), please let me know....

I can't believe what these kids are coming to these days....obviously, the way that this boy was raised...and even thinking that to 'hide' it, burning down a house is ok...

I hope they put him in jail for a long, long time!!! And his mother suffers for the evil deeds she did in raising him!!!

Please, please keep us posted about Chuck...and give him my best....


Hugs, Kathi

(actually, my beau's son would potentially do this....he has verbally abused me at least twice...and had a plan to hurt his dad at one point...the 'boy' is 32, and scares the pee out of me to this day)

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Maybe I should just sit on my hands to keep from typing a reply here. But I don't feel so good, and this really bothered me, so I'm speaking up.

I certainly hope that if you have children they never do anything awful. "And his mother suffers for the evil deeds she did in raising him."

This women called for help when she thought her son was out of control. She wasn't condoning his actions, although she was unable to stop him.

I have one relative that did do something awful, and I would NEVER blame it on his mother or the way he was raised. Some people just choose the wrong paths. He was on meth and that ruined his judgement. His mother didn't do drugs and didn't condone them. His actions were his own.

Your last statement makes me wonder too, after the statement you made earlier. If your beau's son scares you, is it his fault? And if so, why would you stay with him? Or is it really not his fault, and the 32-yr-old needs to be responsible for himself? That makes a lot more sense to me. I wouldn't blame it on your beau.

So far I'm lucky with my kids - but if one does something bad, it certainly won't be because of the way I raised them. And I wouldn't be happy if someone that didn't know me blamed me for their actions if they made a bad choice.

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I am sorry this happened to Chuck; it sounds brutal. I hope he heals quickly. Take good care of yourself.

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That is horrific! I will keep both of you in my prayers. I am so sorry you and your brother are in this terrible situation.


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I am so sorry that this has happened to your brother. Please remember to take care of yourself as I am sure your brother will need your help and support. He sounds like an amazing supportive brother....I hope he gets well soon!

Take Care.


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I'm so sorry this happened to Chuck and you. I will be saying an extra prayer for you both. I really don'tunderstand what is wrong with the youths of today. That 17 year old kid just threw his life away. I do hope they convict him on all counts, he needs to go away for a long time and reflect on his actions.

Big Cyber Hug for you

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Jennie... OMG... I am totally speechless. I have nothing to say except I'm so sorry this happened to your brother.

Please keep us updated on his health. I know how important our brothers are to us. :)

Love and many hugs,


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I am so sorry to hear what happened to your brother...I can't believe what people are capable of doing. He is in my prayers as are you.


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Oh my oh my, Thank God he didn't get the gas lit!!!
Oh my, Thinking of you and praying for your brother!!!!
Winter Marie

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Wow - that is one messed up kid. I'm glad he is in jail.

The great news is that he did not light the gas, and that your brother has no head injuries. A higher power was looking out for him.

I'm so sorry your brother has to go through all this. The recovery is going to be a long, hard one with so many injuries. He is lucky to have you to help him through this.

It is so hard to even know what to say - this is so crazy. I hope each injury is something that will heal fully, and he will be ok. I send you a big hug. I'll be praying for you both, and watching for updates.

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I am so sorry you and your brother are going through this. Thankfully he didn't light that match and thankfully your brother has a hard head! I hope they throw the book at this kid, lock him up,throw away the key and put him in the same cell as a mass murderer

My prayers are with you and your family



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Dearest Jennie,

My prayers for your brother that he may recover from this terrible situation quickly and with no lasting effects.

I have never been able to understand why some people need to resort to violence when they could just as easily walk away ( I was married to one of those ).

I know it will be a long road to recovery for your brother. Please let him know that he has your family here rooting for him.


Marie who loves kitties

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Oh my Jennie! You've been through so much, and now this!! I'm just so horrified that a "kid" could do something this terrible - what is this society coming to?! I'm sending you a virtual HUG, as well as prayers for his recovery. Best wishes always, take care, Cynthia

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I'm sorry your brother had to go thru that,and I hope the mother leaves the kid in jail.Your brother is probably better off without the girlfriend.I hope he recovers soon.I'll be praying for all of you.

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Im so sorry to hear of this senseless tragedy to your brother Jenny and wish him a full recovery.

As if cancer is not a sudden enough impact and life altering experience to begin with, now it shares the stage with a criminal undertaking to add to the already sobering reality of battling cancer.

I was in chat the other night and heard of a member who newly joined CSN. He is 16 years old and is in treatment for Acute Leukimia. While he lay in his hospital room, his mom was visiting him and then left to drive home late at night. As she was driving, she fell asleep and lost control of the car and was taken to ER where she lie hooked up to a breathing machine with a coma.

In these difficult times, im reminded of what Robert Francis Kennedy said just 2 months before he left us 42 yrs ago.

"My favorite poet was Aeschylus. He wrote: "In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God."

You are in our hearts and minds and most of all, your not alone.


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That is so sad. Is she going to be ok?

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this is from the 16 yr son regarding his mother.

she's on total life support it's called. And she has no responses to stimulation like pain or anything they do. He (Dr) said it's different then a coma. A coma they respond to some tests. In hers she doesn't

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Oh dear.

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I am so sorry what a horrible scene to have to come upon. I am so glad no head injuries occured and I hope the elbow will be able to be of use, once p t helps him. I am so glad for whatever reason the boy did not burn the house down. My prayers are with you all.

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I am going to call you...praying for chuck...hang in there girl...

Thank God you got there and thank God they arrested that piece of ****...


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Oh I'm so sorry this has happened to your brother. You are so lucky you called the police when you did. That kid should be sent away to prison for a long time. Is he normally this violent? Let your brother know that he is in my prayers for a complete and speedy recovery. Please keep us updated.

Hugs! Kim

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my prayers will be with him!

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Oh, Jennie.

I'm praying everything will be okay.


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I could hardly even believe this was real as I was reading it- what a horrible, horrible nightmare that is reality. I will be praying for Chuck several times a day for recovery and healing.
I'm glad they arrested the girlfriend's son- hard to believe anyone could be driven to anger of that extent that they'd do something like that. Very scary.
You certainly don't need the added stress of all this- remember to take care of yourself in a good, healthy way too. Please keep us informed of what happens with your brother's recovery, as well as with the girlfriend's son (and the girlfriend, obviously ex now).
Hugs and prayers,


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tina dasilva
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Oh my hun my heart goes out to you and your family .I'm so sorry

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OMG! Jennie! How awful! I am glad to hear that your brother survived such an awful attack and they arrested the son. Although, I hate that it had to come to that and his ex girlfriend could not control her son nor could he control his temper. You take care of yourself and your brother. Don't try to overdo anything. I'll be praying for you guys.


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Jennie, I am so sorry about this trouble. You know, there is enough pain that we aren't in control of, but to purposefully impose pain is so senseless. You will all be in my thoughts and prayers as you all begin to hear. Jean

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