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*NEWSFLASH* So, what's a hot flash?

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Sounds pretty ignorant, I know...

I have been having these sweeping warm sensations. (I assume that's a hot flash) But also, I have experienced some light headedness, especially after eating, just recently.

Last night, I thought I might be running a fever, but I am running my usual below normal temperature, yet I had moisture on my neck and back...yeah, sweat. My vertigo got so bad that laying down didn't help.

I got up and went to work just fine, but I have this odd 'floating' type feeling. I haven't even mentioned the odd twinges and aches that I assume are just a part of the healing process.

Any ideas?

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For what it's worth (or not) here's what I think:

Yes, that warm feeling is what I would call hot flashes. I had those while on chemo, usually followed by creeping cold feelings. I felt light-headed sometimes while attached to the IV, and sometimes "floaty" the same day, usually it went away. I definitely think you should talk to the Dr. about the light headed "floaty" feeling, just in case it might be blood pressure, blood sugar, low iron, or some other issue.

You might get some more helpful info from someone elses response.


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we could so be-like sisters!!!

Oh wait, we are sisters in that broader sense....and then there's this cancer thing that brings us together.

My mind flew back to worse case scenario mode just like 9 months ago when I was diagnosed. Since chemo was completed in June I'm leaning towards your notions. I have an appointment with the gynecologist in a couple of weeks. I will definitely mention it.

Thank you for the response.

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When, every day at 2 pm, you have to leave your office (of the new great job) and go into the ladies room, close the door, and take off your wig(named Erma) and hang it on the door. Then, you remove your jacket or sweater or whatever it is that you're wearing and fan yourself, all the while laughing your azz off, wondering if you're just having a case of the "vapors".

I'm lucky with my hot flashes. I stopped wearing the wig (and told the new boss about the cancer) about halfway thru the summer. I always get an itching sensation in my arms, and scratching them seems to help the flash. And then I thank God that I'm here to kvetch about the darn hot flashes, the leg cramps in the middle of the night, and compare the after effects of a flu shot to just a baby Neulasta shot. I figure I have been thru the worst (mast, chemo, rads), I can't complain about my life. I have one....wooo hoooo!

Talk to your dr about those feelings, perhaps you can use some of the homeopathic remidies that are applied topically? (Cancer did not make my spelling any better...but it did improve my outlook on life.:)

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Unfortunately I've been having them since I was 47 and I'm now 61. About 9 years ago I couldn't take it anymore. I was having one every 15 min that would soak my hair. I once had a sales clerk ask if I was all right or if I needed help. I said, no thank you I'll be all right in a minute or so. Embarrassing! Now, while going through chemo they're not as bad as years ago but sometimes I actually do feel a chill afterwards. I have to dress in layered clothing and try not to get overheated. My sisters get occasional hot flashes but nothing like I've had. When I'm home I open the freezer and stick my head in. I also have 2 tiny portable fans that I take places with me :-)

As for the light-headedness, I'm at a loss. I'm still getting chemo so I am fuzzy at times. I do normally have high blood pressure (has been low since starting chemo) and I have to stand slowly.......Hang in there and I hope it gets better.
{{hugs}} Char

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information provided to me by California Health care professionals .. You are actually having a 'hot flash' .. lasting for up to 15 minutes. I've been showering up to 4 times daily since last winter - December 2009.

Laying clothing helps during the cooler months. Dizziness is another symptom I experienced - terrible, horrible experience. It does get better in time .. resting and eating more frequently - (smaller) meals helped. I sometimes forgot to eat lunch (imagine that) and by 4:00 p.m. I was exhausted and dizzy -. You will suffer .. suffer and suffer some more .. then in a few months ..you notice your symptoms are less frequent and more tolerable. Seriously, Trust me!

Vapors .. I love this term, it sounds so lady like and Southern.

Strength and Courage to you all -

Vicki Sam

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Mom was not some self-sacrificing patron saint of small children...doing without a winter coat so that the children could have them. I mean she always told us we were cold, but she never was. @#$%!, she actually suffered from hot flashes.

I guess this means too, that I was NOT really her favorite either, and I was such a good little remote control for the television before the days of remote controls. Learning vertical from horizontal hold by 3, even I thought I was brilliant.

I feel so duped.

Thanks, Vicki...I guess this too shall pass and I should be grateful I am headed toward the winter months.

One more question for you, dear. When we met in August how long had it been since your last chemo? I'm trying to figure out how long I have before my full blown Harpo Marx do comes in? I'm looking forward to curly locks like yours.

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