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It never ends

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Next week I am going to our condo in Fl to scatter Hank's ashes as were his wishes. I am so dreading this trip. Not just for that reason but we had such good times there and this will be the first time without him. To add to the stress my mil was hospitalized after a fall which required a full hip replacement, then developed an intestinal obstruction that required emergency surgery and left her with an ileostomy. They have been trying to transfer her to the rehab facility but it's one complication after another. She has lost her husband sept 09, her son July of this year and now this. I feel like I don't know where to turn next. I am almost afraid to take this trip in case she takes a turn for the worst, but I need and want to honor my hubands wishes.

I am just wondering if I'll ever have peace.


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I truly am sorry for all your pain. It is sad how so many things used to bring us joy and now without our loved ones, they bring such anxiety and sorrow.
My children and I are still reeling from the death of husband in June. It was a very difficulty year as he died of brain cancer and the emotional and physical toll on all of us is still prevalent. On top of this my mother was recently diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and will undergo a mastectomy next week. Because of her age and medical history, this surgery will be a real crap shoot with several possible outcomes. I am hoping we will turn the corner soon and all this bad news will subside. We are burnt out on all this bad, bad cancer news. Hang in there, better times are coming...I hope.

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In many ways, I have found peace or at least acceptance. Time does help. There are still hard days, hard memories, other concerns. I do feel stronger for the most part. Hang in there. Fay

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