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Kidney Issues...

Luke Gavar
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On the super good news -- I´ve been a survivor for 20 years, of testicular cancer when I was 30. I had used VP16, Cisplatin, Ifosfamide.

So...now I´m starting to run into issues related to it.
- intestine got twisted, I´m told due to scarring from the operation 20 yrs earlier.
but taken care of thru surgery recently.

- a 24 hour urine analysis showed, kidneys going along with...
A creatinine of 1.63. (a significant damage))
A clearance rate of 59.7 mg (which would be Ok if I was 70...but I´m 49)
A glycemic value of 100 mg-dl (pre diabetic)
Urea in blood 38 mg-dl (way too high)

So far, the only advice I have from the primary care dr. and the
Nephrologist is ´drink more water´,
and ... since your kidney issue came from chemo and you don´t have
high bp, then no need to do anything else...

It´s a bit troubling since I had to actually get the analysis done in a
separate lab showing all the above issues, since they do not seem
interested to do anything more than check the creatinine by my
peeing into a cup.

Please if anyone is out there with some words or experience to say on this
one it´d be great to hear from you. So far I´m doing pretty well, but I would
like to keep these kidneys as long as possible!

Also, to everyone going thru chemo and surgery, I´ve had a good 20 yrs so far
so it´s definitely worth it.


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I had chemo meds you had except 2 yrs ago but i had bleomycin instead of Ifosfamide.

a creatitine of 1.6 is not significant damage but is one to watch with low protein/sodium diet, more fluids, and lab work every 6 mo. What is your GFR (Globular filtration rate) about 50? And how do they know the kideny damage is from chemo?

to even become eligible for dialysis, one would need to have a serum creatitine of over 3.0 and for kidney transplant, often its creatintne rate over 4 or 5 with a kidney functioning rate of less then 15% and more like 10%.

is your fasting blood sugar in am around 100? norm is 70 to 85 , what is your Hemoglobin A1c level? between 5 and 6? norm is 4.3 to 5.8

The creatinine clearance appears to decrease with age (each decade corresponds to a decrease of about 6.5 ml/min./1.73 m2).

Clearance is often measured as milliliters/minute (ml/min). Normal values are:

•Male: 97 to 137 ml/min.
•Female: 88 to 128 ml/min.

Abnormal results (lower-than-normal creatinine clearance) may indicate:

•Acute tubular necrosis
•Bladder outlet obstruction
•Congestive heart failure
•Renal ischemia (blood deficiency
•Renal outflow obstruction (usually must affect both kidneys to reduce the creatinine clearance)
•Acute renal failure
•Chronic renal failure
•End-stage renal disease

Drugs that can interfere with creatinine clearance measurements include: cimetidine, trimethoprim, and drugs that can damage the kidneys, such as cephalosporins.

The creatinine clearance test should only be done for patients who are medically stable. Such patients may have a rapidly changing creatinine clearance, and therefore any result may be inaccurate

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My husband had orchectomy, chemo 6 years ago at 45. The problem is that he started with 1 kidney. His kidney function is suspect but his PCP has not referred him to a urologist and getting him to go is like pulling teeth. what blood tests should I request on his behalf.

Thank you

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