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wbc still low

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No chemo toay. My white blood count drop even more. Maybe monday. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I know it can be hard when we get "delayed", but sometimes our bodies need a little extra time to revover. I try to enjoy those breaks as much as possible.

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Sorry about the counts still being low but, you get a little longer break from that fun thing called chemo. Always look for the bright side. Are you getting anything to raise your counts up or are they trying to let them come up on their own?

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This is very common. It used to bother me when my chemo was delayed, but it was welcome having that extra week. They ended up putting me on neupogen to boost my counts. Hopefully you will be good to go on Monday.


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The nurse told me that on my next treatment they will be giveing me something to bring my count up.

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a tip for ya..........have the nurse hold the injection in her grip for about 1 minute before injection...it will get the fluid at body temp and if she then injects it slowly there will be no sting or feeling of it at all..you can take it in the back of the arm or the stomach.they will pinch up a little meat behind the arm to inject it in, you may never feel a thing..It doesn't hurt much anyway but to get it ambient temp and inject it slow is a godsend....if it starts to sting tell her to slow down...that what makes it sting.....but its a simple shot...Neulasta is a one shot deal, neupagen is 2 or 3 shots, 1 each day ....either one brings it back up pretty quick...look for a slight headache and maybe some lower lumbar discomfort...It is speeding up your spinal fluid to create more white blood cells when it doesn't want to....sometimes no side effects, sometimes hurts....but, it gets the job done and very quickly.......Love to ya, Buzz

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