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new here:Uterine Adencocarnioma

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I have got uterine adenocarnoima and have myometruim invasion 20% and got my digonse stage 3c and grade 1.

My ovaries was cancer as well but luckily cervix was free of cancer plus lymph nodes as well

Anyboady had same cancer type and how long they have remission. Please reply to me.

I have 2 sons and both have grown up and i am only 50 yrs old.

Thanks S

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I was diagnosed Stage IIIC in 2009. You can read my story by clicking on my name to take you to my history.
Today I feel great. Healthier than I have been in years. There is a lot of hope, my dear. Grade 1 is the least aggressive of the types of cancer. Mine was Grade 2. The success rate for cure for Grade 1 is high. Cancer is no longer a death sentence. I know when I heard the cancer word it really scared me. I have come to understand that with treatment we can have many healthy years ahead.

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Thanks for helping me.

You have same type cancer and what was your treatment.

was it spread to adnexa.

what about was ca125?

Thanks Sue

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Welcome to a fellow sister. I am sorry that you have uterine cancer, but you have come to a wonderful place to get info and support!

I was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma of the uterus in May, 2008. After the hysterectomy it was deemed Grade 2/3, Stage 3A. It had invaded the vascular and lymph spaces in the uterus and had eroded clear through the uterus. I had abdominal and pelvic radiation, followed by chemo (carboplatin and taxol). I had my last chemo in December of 2008 after 5 treatments. SO, I am getting to celebrate 2 years in remission!

I feel great! Am enjoying life. Exercising and eating healthy (most of the time). You will get through this and we are all here to help you in any way that we can. So just ask away!

Thinking about you!


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Welcome SUE to this terrific site. There is so much support here. I have learned so much from everyone and it is a great feeling to not feel so alone. I was diagnosed 1 year ago of the same as you. I am stage IIIC of grade I adenocarcinoma. I had disease in one ovary as well as 1 lymph node. I can't believe that my treatment is done. It will bw the same for you. It seemed so surrmountable at first but time does pass.
You are stronger than you think and take it one step at a time. I was able to work throughout mt treatment, although it was hard at times. Just let us know how we can help and keep posting.
Another SUE too!!

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What tretment you have and could you please tell me what is ca125 you have before surgery and after 6 chemo rounds.

What Test you will follow after completing your treatment.

When you have last MRI?

Thanks Sue

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