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Update---Had my 6th chemo today-counts were low, but met criteria to administer the chemo

hopeful girl 1
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Well, guess who finally received their 6th taxol/carbo chemo today? The final chemo for my sandwich protocol treatment plan.

My counts were still low, but went up alittle, enough to permit chemo per my oncologist's criteria:

WBC 2.0
Neutrophils 1.3
Hemaglobin 9.5
Platelets 118,000
CA125 5

So, please wish me luck and good thoughts for the downtime/recovery for this chemo.
I have been trying to think positive thoughts, eat alot of protein, frozen veggies and canned fruits (since no fresh veggies or fruits with low white counts), have some protein drinks, walk and use stationary bike on low setting.

The plan is I go back in two weeks for bloodtest, and again the third week for bloodtest and meet for follow up appointments with my oncologist (who was also my surgeon) AND my radiation oncologist on same day. After that, my oncologist wants to see me every couple months for follow up. I guess he is going to keep a close eye on me (as I was stage 3C when I had surgery in March).

Hugs and love to all of you! And healing healing healing to all!


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I am so happy you were able to complete your 6th chemo. It is a relief to have completed all the treatments, isn't it. Now you just need to continue to take care of yourself and enjoy the time you are treatment free. I hope your blood counts will return to normal soon and you will have more energy and be able to go out more. In peace and caring.

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Yeah Cindy you did it!! With lots of prayers and positive vibes floating your way, you made it. This is your last one right? Gosh I'm happy for you and know the next steps with follow-ups can be frustrating, but come back here for morale support. I've done this and without most of the people on this site, I'd be a wreck.....gain strength from others!!


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It's such a long haul. For me chemo is the toughest. I go slowly down hill. But now it's time to focus on life and living. Prayers for you last night!


Always Hopeful
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Good going, Cindy. Recoup your strength and hit the town soon!

Peace and hope, JJ

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You've got one big notch in your belt after this initial protocol complete!!

I will send you all kinds of positive energy and prayers as you continue on. I think you have a great attitude which is contributing to your good response to treatment.

Many blessings. Mary Ann

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010


Thank you everyone for the kind words, congratulations and prayers!

This group is so supportive and it is so nice to communicate with others on all of our shared concerns and feelings.

The next step for me is bloodtest in two weeks, followed by bloodtest third week-AND meet with both my oncologist(who is also my surgeon) and my radiation oncologist same day.

Not sure if they will schedule any scans for me. I know my oncologist mentioned to me he is not big on scans, but I would imagine that there would be at least one coming up following all this treatment. Or perhaps that will be ordered by radiation oncologist.

I am told for me, the CA125 test is a good marker as it dropped from 300 post surgery to currently 5.

So I will be interested to see how they plan to do the follow ups. My oncologist must be planning to keep a close eye on me as he said after the 3rd week appointment he wants to see me every couple of months. I assume he will do an exam and CA125 test each time. That is both comforting and scarey......but good that he will be watching me closely so if anything develops he can probably throw some chemo in there early on before anything can get out of control. At surgery I was 3C.

I asked one of the chemo nurses for advise on what people can do to avoid a reoccurence and she said.....positive attitude, let your doctor know if you get any new pains right away, stay off the internet, and not to listen to any bad stories people want to tell you.

Love and hugs to all!


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Congratulations Cindy on finishing! You worked so hard and now you are done. It is good to hear from a fellow Stage 3. I am 4 months post treatment and still waiting for my hemoglobin to return. Take good care of your self now and be especially good to yourself. I am sure you will be followed closely.

I fell the same way about when bloodwork is done and follow up scans are scheduled. Believe that all is clear so you will be dancing with NED.

Keep up the good work!. I will be praying for you like I do for all members of this illustrious group!

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