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15 Month Post Surgery PSA

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The 15 1/2 month PSA came back as 0. Very pleased.
Also the Doctor graduated me to a six month test cycle. I asked if that was OK with my positive margin and he said. Statiscally he told me that where my positive margin was is the best place to have one if you are going to have one.

So next checkup in April 2011.

Larry age 56
Robotic Surgery Aug 2009
Dr. Smith at Vanderbilt

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Larry, that's great news and I'm sure you're relieved. Here's hoping that everything continues to progress smoothly.

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What great news...

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Congrats…Wow 6 months in-between the test now…I am happy for you…You have a reason to celebrate!

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Great news!!! and continued success throughout your journey. Dan

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Congrats! Glad to read that your successful PCa journey continues and that you are doing well following your unrelated recent surgery.

Are you growing a moustache for Mo-vember? I think I remember reading that you did that last year for the annual Mo-vember campaign to raise PCa awareness so that when people ask you about your new moustache, it is an opportunity to begin a PCa dialog.

All the best

lewvino's picture
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Yes, I grew one last year. I was actually surprised that NO ONE asked me why I was growing one so I didn't really get a change to discuss the campaign with many.

My moustache didn't grow very well and I'm not sure if I will attempt again this year.


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I actually strated mine right after surgery in September. Problem was that my wife hated it and I couldn't put her through any more stress than I was with my recovery. Maybe next year!

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Good news Larry! My next check will be Jan 20 at 13 months...well lets say 12 months and 20 days instead...although 13 is my lucky number. LOL I will celebrate once I go to six months...but my doc says 3 for 2 years...I think they build their bankroll that way! And the way the insurance cuts the payment for surgery down...mine was 12,000 he made 3,100...second surgeons bill was $6,000 he made 623. I guess I'll do what he says...he did in fact save my life!


Randy in Indy

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Had my 9 month a few weeks ago and still in the zero club. Not sure why, but had some negative vibes leading up to that one.
Meanwhile, will bury our family matriarch on Wednesday at age 71 from recurring breast cancer that took 20 years to take its final toll. My wife was with her, as was her daughters, on Tuesday morning when she passed peacefully. F* the beast.
One day at a time, one day at a time.
May 2011 bring us closer to a cure.

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Gumbyrun, Happy to hear the news with another 0 and I think we all have "vibes" in the days before we get another one of our PSA post surgery test...I will doing one this week and the first visit to my oncologist since April of this year..

Sorry to hear about the untimely death of your family member from cancer and yes F* the beast...

What is happening in May 2011?

Best to you

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Good news Larry, My next test is in Jan and I am glad it is after the holidays. Thanks for the update.


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Congratulations Larry.
My surgeon has just put me on the six month testing also.
Incidentally, one of my colleagues at school was growing a
moustache for Movember (his dad had radiation for pca earlier this year)
He looks like the laughing cavalier...:)


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Great news from both of you. Good recovery and lots of Movembers in the ZZZeros.

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I go Dec 8th for the 12 month, I am already @ 6 months, if this checkup is good, then its annually after that. Must be I have an older doc that has his bills paid !

Way to go guys.


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