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So I watch the C word, kind of doesn't fit in life as I know it, but... hey it's the only cancer show.
But tonight WOW, her hubby said it all when she told him her death sentence...
He said "Does your doctor by any chance wear a long black robe, and have no face,and carrying a scythe? Apparently yours uses it to pokes holes in people to drain their hope out...."
So many people including me, have felt that!!! We need to get beyond those oncologists!!!!
(okay then they went stupid and did the coffee enema, big sigh, oh well, at least, out of all the show they had a couple of lines I could relate to, oh and she's running to Canada for treatment). Sigh....
Winter Marie

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I haven't seen this show; I have heard about it but I love the husband's line! I am going to have to remember it - it could come in useful. So I guess I'll keep my eyes open in my cancer centre to see if she shows up - what does she look like? - LOL.

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I will more than likely never catch a show....

BUT I LOVE the quote from hubby!

Hugs, Kathi

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I haven't seen the show. I watched a trailer before it started, and it didn't appeal to me. But the husband did have a good line!


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