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Wish me luck-Nov 2nd I go for bloodtest, visit with oncologist, and receive 6th chemo IF counts permit

hopeful girl 1
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Well, here we go again. Tomorrow I go back for another bloodtest, see my oncologist, and if my counts will allow get my 6th taxo/carbo chemo.

Last week my neutrophils were too low, so they need to come up a bit. My hemaglobin was 9.0 so I was told by my oncologist's nurse that if it drops to an 8 my oncologist will likely recommend a transfusion for that.

Also, in hopes of offering encouragement to others, my CA125 number last week was 5. I am told this is a very good number. Actually it has stayed a five since the previous two tests as well. I was told that is ok and that it may not go any lower. The CA125 is a good marker for me because post surgery it was 300 per my oncologist.

Wish me luck!!!! I'm nervous!

I wish everyone a good day, peaceful thoughts, and healing healing healing!!!!!


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I wish you the best of luck and will give you credit you keep on trying and DO NOT GIVE UP!! That's a great fighter!

My CA125 is good marker as well. Before treatments mine was closer to 400 and slowly but surely came down during treatments. Today it's steady at 4...yippee! He wants to now follow it and not do a scan unless blood work shows different.

Good luck and keep us posted~

hopeful girl 1
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Thanks friends.....
It sure would be great to get the 6th one completed and under my belt! :)
It's been a long road. My surgery was end of March!

I have been trying to eat well, and doing the moderate exercise as well to try to boost counts. I did 40 minutes on low setting on the stationary bike today and I walked outside Saturday and Sunday!

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Hi Cindy,
I just read your post and want to wish you good luck tomorrow! I went through the waiting with my husband who only lived 2 months after his diagnosis, but I know how worried we always were with the blood test, scans, etc. Think positive! Keep us posted!!

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Sending my hugs and thoughts your way. This should be your last treatment then, right? Congrats on that! Just so you know, a normal CA125 on anyone is anything 35 and below so if it doesn't lower or goes up 1 or 2 don't worry about it.

Hang in there! It sounds like you are a fighter. Keep positive (even though you are nervous as heck!)

Just think you had 5 treatments. That's terrific!

Sending you healing and comforting thoughts and hugs!


P.S. Let us know how it goes!

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