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chemo effects later in life

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I found this site looking for support groups of childhood cancer surviviors. I am 19 and had stage 4 NHL when I was 2. Since I was 11 I have experinced many episodes of anxiety attacks and PTSD over the years. I also have difficulty in school particulary in math. I was just curious if anyone else has had these issues as well. Sometimes it feels like your the only one when people around you havent gone through what we have.



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HI! my name is Bob I had hodgkins stage3 when I was 7 and went through chemo and cobalt radiation.I am 41 now and I still have anxiety attacks now and then.Some times I feel like I don't fit in.If you have any questions write to me,hope I can help.

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I'm not a childhood survivor, but I'm 24 and have days where I can't remember stuff or concentrate. If you want to talk email me. lilymary21@yahoo.com

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Had osteosarcoma when I was 15. I had memory and thinking problems when I got back to my junior year of high school. School was so tough with all my honor classes which I found easier before treatment. Now I'm lucky to remember to do my homework. Now it's my senior year and it bites. Theres Economics and Calculus which I'm bombing in and I just got my grade back from a big test and got a 35. It's so hard to study at times, let alone take notes. My brain will be so tired mentally that it comes out physical and I can't control it. I can't write simple words at times without it looking like a baby wrote it.I try going to my friends for help but they don't understand where I'm coming from with things which I can understand, it's a chemo thing. But they ask me what's wrong I try to tell them without confusing them nor myself but it never ends good. I decided not to get my license because I don't trust myself, now I'm thinking of not going to college, or atleast taking a year off to try and help myself. My friends is the worst part of this chemo brain. It's hard to keep a conversation, hear them in the lunch room. It's hard to be just a normal teen with the side effects chemo leaves. And I hate the fact there is no one you can go to for help. Children have problems with this too. Not just adults.

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Hi Erin, you posted this a few years ago.  My daughter is going through the same thing now.  How are you doing? 

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