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Are you doing ok? I am missing you!

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just that , did she mention Eurepe?
Just ......

Posts: 3692
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Personally I am happy overall with our healthcare system. It is not perfect, but I think it is good. Everyone has access to the same doctors, treatments, etc. regardless of income, etc. That being said, I know there are some treatments, procedures that may not be available here but are available in the US. I think one factor is that our population is so much smaller than that of the US, + I know even in the US certain procedures such as HIPEC are available in only a handful of facilities. Sometimes if a procedure is available in the US but not here, the government will actually pay for that procedure in the US. I guess if it is a rarely needed treatment or surgery it might be more cost effective to send the occaisonal person over to the US. My sister-in-law is a chemo nurse at a large cancer clinic. She mentioned to me that one of her patients used to go to Buffalo for Erubitux, before it was available here. Once it was available at her clinic, the patient received it there, but apparently said he like the "fancier" Buffalo clinic better! Lots of people have treatment for brain tumours here, so I am guessing there was something special about her tumour. The clinic where I am treated has a large number of brain cancer patients. The surgeon who would do my colon surgery if I ever have that was partially trained at Sloan Kettering, so I know if he ever does operate on me, I would have that "SK" level of skill without going to NY! I am at a fantastic cancer centre, + feel I have really good care. In one of promotional brochures at the centre, they have testimonials + one is from an American woman (living in Canada) who had CRC surgery by my surgeon + was raving about the care she got.

Graci, thanks for caring about us here + the quality of care we get. I am so glad to hear you are doing well + are lurking. I miss your thoughtful, interesting conversations!

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