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What A Difference a year Makes....

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Tomorrow I start a new full time job. Back to the land of suits, train passes, commuting, corporate world. After not working for almost two years. How do those of you that are in chemo continue to work? Amazing.

This time last year I was recovering from yet an other hospitilization....a bowel obstruction I believe. They all blend togther, don't they.

I am both excited and scared. Will I have the stamina to work FT?

I am really bothered by achy joints and bones. Glucosimine isn't doing the trick...any suggestions?


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As far as working during treatment, I never stopped...I am a small business owner, so if I didn't work, well, I wouldn't have income!

I was very kind to myself, tho. I rested often, and didn't try to be the 8-hour, go-getter, straight-thru worker...

Hugs to another bit of normal coming home to roost!

As far as the joints, well, I took Ibuprofin (with food...it's aspirin), and sat in the Jacuzzi or bath when it got bad. This still plagues me today, nearly 5 years out of treatment...but some of that, I hope, will stop when I finish my Tamoxifen in 2011 from the breast cancer...

Hugs, Kathi

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Just tell me, are you still on chemo? If yes what combo are you having , hope a manageable one!
Again congratulations and enjoy you are back to the life!

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Hey Peggy,
I'm really excited for you. I bet you'll do great.
What could the corporate world throw at you that's harder than what the cancer world threw at you?
I hope you like your job.
Take care of yourself.

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I wish you all the best with your new job. How exciting!

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Congratulations on getting back to the work-a-day world. What a great accomplishment.

I'm still on chemo and wondering what kind of suggestions you'll get on the aches as I've really been hit hard with the body aches too. Wish I had some suggestions for you.

Good luck!

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That is wonderful that you are able to return to work. I just love doing anything normal and work is sure right up there!

Not sure if this would help with the achy joints but my husband found a big difference using Cosamin products over the store brands of glucosamine. He uses it for knee pain and a doc recommended the Cosamin line (comes in different formulas). Fish oil also seems to help with arthritis pain so who knows?

Best of luck to you and I will look forward to hearing how you are doing. Remember to take it easy on yourself whenever possible!

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with all you went through the FT job will be a cake walk..........I know ya, so get your butt to work.......LOL........Love ya, Clift

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I bet you're gonna do fine, though. :)

I worked all through chemo, but mine was really easy compared to what some of you have gone through. I only have a few horror stories to tell. I did a lot of trading with other nurses because I knew what days I'd be too tired to work and/or just not feeling well. I only worked 24hr/week and sometimes a little more depending on hospital census.

I have really been having the aches and pains lately. They showed up about a month to a month and a half ago with no relief at all. Motrin doesn't even touch it. Is this chemo related? I've heard it's one of those great chemo late side-effects.

I have no suggestions. Just wishing you good luck on the job!!

Love and Hugs,


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Congratulations and best of luck to you on your new job. You will be an inspiration to everyone you meet and make anyone that calls in sick look like a woose! LOL

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Way to Go Peggy!!! Although, I prefer to NOT work, there is something to be said for staying busy and occupying our minds with something other than cancer!!!
I've been working full time since 3 months post liver resect! Takes awhile to pull those outfits together after hanging out in sweats for so long, but nice to dress up again!
Good luck to you!!!

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Best wishes to you! Make sure you rest when you get home! Let others take care of the other stuff, dishes, house chores, etc. We are all very proud of you! You have done good.

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I'll be anxious to hear how all this goes for you. I'm excited for you, but I hope it doesn't take too big a toll on you. Make sure you do rest whenever you can.


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Good luck on your new job and hoping that all goes well with it. I'm sure that you will get right back into the swing of things and get your mind off this past year. You go girl.


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I am so glad that you are starting a new job. How exciting! I hope all went well today and that you have found a job you love.


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Nana b
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Try some supreme greens, they have worked a miracle for me. I use Trader Joes brand. You can also order on line. There is a brand out there by dr Guerrero. His dad passed away from Cancer and he came up with this product after his death. It's worth $20 to give it a try. I put my Mom on them and her arthritis is lessening everyday.

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Kerry S
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You can do it and I need you to do it. You see the scary old woman and I live off Social Security checks and a few investments. You will be paying into the SS fund for me to buy more big boy toys.

Just pace yourself. No need to charge out of the gate. Grab some mini naps if you can.


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Hoping you had a great first day, Peggy. You deserve a big, long nap :)


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So HAPPY for you miss Peggy! You have been an inspiration to Jim and I and we'll never forget you for taking time to come see us after his liver resection at Loyola. You'll do fine girlfriend and you've got all of us pulling for you!!!
So proud of you.
April and Jim

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