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nanoknife- locations and question of who's had it

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Hello All,
On another post of mine (where I'm whining about not feeling well & talked about my colorectal surgeon checking me out last week and feeling a rectal nodule), Clift/Buzzard replied to look into nanoknife. I had always assumed it was radiation, similar to cyberknife. But, apparently it is different and fairly new, with electricity being put into the tumor to kill it. I'm curious if anyone out there has experience with having had nanoknife (or have looked into it). My oncologist and colorectal specialist never even mentioned any other option than having a transanal excision. I brought up cyberknife & was told we can look into it, but that it could cause some problems for me on the inside of my rectum. So, I'm wondering now about nanaknife. I googled "nanaknife locations" and came up with the locations I've copied and pasted below. I live in north San Diego & the only listed location near me is at UCI (Univ. of Calif. at Irvine), which is in Orange County, about an hour north of me. I would definitely like to look into it, but am wondering if it may be a problem with insurance, as it would definitely be out of my HMO network. Hmmm... any thoughts or ideas, anyone?

Lisa- *See U.S. nanoknife locations below, if you're interested where they do it near

NanoKnife Locations

Irreversible electroporation (IRE), which is administered with a device called a NanoKnife, is a new type of cancer therapy that is available at the following medical centers in the US...

Baptist Health, Little Rock, Arkansas, 501-227-8478, www.Baptist-Health.com.

Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, 800-422-9567, www.BaylorHealth.com.

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, 504-568-4808, www.lsuhsc.edu.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York City, 212-639-2000, www.mskcc.org.

Miami Valley Hospital, Dayton, 937-208-8000, www.MiamiValleyHospital.org.

Piedmont Healthcare, Atlanta, 888-605-2848, www.Piedmont.org.

Roper St. Francis Healthcare, Charleston, South Carolina, 843-402-2273, www.RoperSaintFrancis.com.

Shands/University of Florida, Gainesville, 800-749-7424, www.Shands.org.

St. Joseph’s Hospital, Atlanta, 678-843-7001, www.StJosephsAtlanta.org.

Stony Brook University Medical Center, New York, 631-444-4000, www.StonyBrookMedicalCenter.org.

University of California, Irvine, 714-456-8030, www.som.uci.edu.

University of Louisville Healthcare, Kentucky, 502-562-4158, www.UofLHealthCare.org.

University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, 800-492-5538, www.umm.edu.

University of Miami, Florida, 305-243-4062, www.Sylvester.org.

University of Rochester Medical Center, New York, 585-275-5830, www.urmc.Rochester.edu.

Valley Baptist, Harlingen, Texas, 956-389-1100, www.ValleyBaptist.net/harlingen.


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I just read your posting about questions on Nanoknife. We were getting our Ct Scans reviewed last Thursday, to be shocked that a new growth has occured in my husbands liver. The oncologist explained to us several options, and surgery is out as hubby has already had a liver resection. He then explained to us about IRE Nanoknife, we are going for a PET Scan this week just to make sure no other areas lite up first. The way he described Nanoknife, is like electrocution of the bad areas only, several probes are inserted into the affected area. It requires usually an overnite stay and he says he will feel like he got kicked in the side for about 3 weeks. If we get a go ahead this week, we are going to do this procedure. We go to Shands University of Florida. I will be more than happy to keep you informed. There are only 10 machines in the US and 20 in the world. We are very blessed to be treated at a hospital that has one of these machines. Please send me you email address and I will keep you up to date posted.From what I know less than 200 of these procedures have been done in the US. Hubby was diagnosed 1/06 Stage IV
Colorectal with Met to Liver and Lymph Nodes.


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Shands/University of Florida, Gainesville, 800-749-7424, www.Shands.org.

I posted some literature on this in a pm for someone searching for options..let me find it and I will copy and paste it here........

NanoKnife® System

The NanoKnife System is a next generation in minimally-invasive tissue ablation technology, designed to effectively eliminate targeted soft tissue with reduced risk of functional damage to surrounding structures. It is the first product offered by AngioDynamics that uses the new, potentially groundbreaking irreversible electroporation (IRE) technology, a non-thermal ablation method designed for the precise, fast and effective ablation of soft tissue.

Often described as "surgery at the cellular level," the NanoKnife System uses electrical fields (Direct Current) to create nano-scale defects in the membranes of cells within a targeted soft tissue region, causing cell death only in the treated tissue. While other minimally-invasive surgical techniques, such as radiofrequency ablation, microwave ablation, or cryoablation, utilize extreme heat or cold – which can irreparably damage healthy tissue outside the target ablation zone – the NanoKnife System allows the physician to more precisely target a specific region of soft tissue with less potential for damage to collateral structures.

The NanoKnife System uses electrode probes to transmit active energy from its generator to a targeted area. The system includes an energy generator, footswitch and single-use disposable electrodes.

Beginning in 2009, AngioDynamics commenced a commercial program under which the following institutions began utilizing the NanoKnife System (status as of Sept. 17, 2010).

1. Baptist Health – Little Rock, Ark.
2. Baylor University Medical Center – Dallas, Texas
3. LSU Health Sciences Center – Shreveport, La.
4. Miami Valley Hospital – Dayton, Ohio
5. Memorial Sloan Kettering cancer Center – New York, N.Y.
6. Piedmont Healthcare – Atlanta, Ga.
7. Roper St. Francis Healthcare – Charleston, S.C.
8. Shands/University of Florida – Gainesville, Fla.
9. St. Joseph’s Hospital – Atlanta, Ga.
10. Stony Brook Medical Center – Stony Brook, N.Y.
11. University of California, Irvine
12. University of Louisville – Louisville, Ky.
13. University of Maryland Medical System – Baltimore, Md.
14. University of Miami
15. University of Rochester – Rochester, N.Y.
16. Valley Baptist – Harlingen, Texas

MORE..........I found the post on this thats in here.....

"Scan Issues, Big Bump In The Road, Anyone Know About IRE Nanoknife?"

There are several postings and literature on this thread...gonavy has done it and swears by it......Good luck and love to you and yours, Clift

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