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I see alot of posts for people who have had or had gallbladder cancer from 2009, anyone still in treatment, looking for treatment, know of any new treatments out there..

My mom is 70 yoa and was diagnosed Stage IVA: T4, N0 or N1, M0: Tumor invades the main blood vessels leading into the liver or has reached more than one nearby organ other than the liver. It may or may not have spread to lymph nodes. It has not spread to tissues or organs far away from the gallbladder.

They told us last week that we needed to be prepared for hospice. We are going to SA tomorrow for a possible trial and going to contact cancer centers of america in tulsa. Anyone out there have information.. please help

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Hi: You'll find a lot more information on the next discussion down - especially see responses by Lily50. She is a 5 year survivor and has lots of good information. Don't give up!

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Hi Susan,

There are a quite a few of us still in treatment or have completed treatment and are still going strong. I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom and you are facing this terrible disease. See Gallbladder Cancer Stage 4 discussion thread, a lot of people post there.

It is good that the cancer has not spread to far away tissues or organs.
Has she had a PET scan? Has there been any discussion regarding radiation or chemo?
Does she have any other underlying medical conditions? Why are they telling you to be prepared for hospice? You should try and get a second opinion.

Did you have any favorable results with regards to the trial in SA? Have you contacted Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa?

Where are you actually located at? I like to try and connect people with others in their area if possible.

Lets us know a little more information and we will try to help you and your mother.

Take Care

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