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Paula is having a really rough time of it as her husband John declines. I just wanted to start a new thread so that folks here who know her might send her some love and support.

As for me, I'll say, Hang in there Paula - we love you and are holding you and John in our hearts.

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You are in my thoughts. I am really sorry things are rough right now; come here anytime to talk.

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Both of you have been through so much. All of us just feel so helpless at a time like this, Paula.

I know you both need and lean on each other so much - we all worry about you and JR and I just wanted to pass along my well wishes - but wish it could be so much more.

Words mean little right now, but the whole community is standing in there with you:)


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Dear Paula,

There are no words which can make this time easier for you, I only wish there were.

Please know that you and JR are thought about and prayers are sent your way to make these days as easy as possible.

Take care dear lady. Hugs to you both.

Marie who loves kitties

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I'm new on here and with a fairly new dagnosis, 6/21/2010 @ 4PM to be exact. So rough. You are both in my thoughts, well wishes, and prayers.


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Thank you Adrian for starting this thread. How kind of you to continue to think about Paula considering what is going on in your home.

Paula truly is having a difficult time. JR is declining in health and decided some time go "no more". Paula is wheelchair bound and truly scared. I PM with her regularly.

Paula and JR we love and think of you often. As I told you, I just wish the miles did not separate us.

Love to you both - Tina

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Wish you the best.

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My thoughts and prayers go out to you. May you find comfort and love.

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My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you both.I know the situation is very difficult.If I can help you in any way please do not hesitate to holler.


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Paula and JR,
I am so sorry that you are at such a difficult place right now. I really hope and pray that you can have little bits of time together that are special and memorable. We are with you in thoughts and prayers.


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So sorry to hear of his declining health. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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I enjoyed our talk on the phone the other day. It really helps to have someone to vent to and you know we are all here for you. Did you show JR the pic I sent??? Call anytime... Love you both my friend.


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Hey Paula - I hope that the love and support from this group eases your troubles.
Hang in there.
Sending you lots of sparks.

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And, Paula, you are family. Don't hesitate to ask for help!!!

BIG hugs to you both!

Hugs, Kathi

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Nana b
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So sorry the journey has been so hard and devastating for all of you! The pain must be unbearable and it makes me think of my family And hope that they do well with the pain and anguish! Hugs to you!

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I'm so sorry you are going through this very difficult time. Paula - I hope you'll come and post when you need others that understand what you are going through - even if you just need to vent.

I wish for peace and comfort for both of you in these hard days.

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I'm so sorry that you and John are going through this. Holding you both in the Light at this difficult time, for strength, comfort, and peace.

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Thinking of you both, praying for healing and peace.

God Bless you both

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Paula G.
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thank you so much for this post. You are in a rough place as well. I think of you and John everyday as I have told you. You are both wonderful people.

To all of you I thank you for your wonderful thoughts and caring. I really really do. I don't get on the board much now. I am spending time with John as much as I can. I feel so helpless and at times just have to break down.

You are all so strong. I hope I can be. I thank you all so much. Paula

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HUGS to you

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Posts: 230
Joined: Sep 2009

You are strong, Paula

Hang in there and know that lots of people are there with you in spirit.


Posts: 3692
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You are very strong + you are there for John. We are here for you.

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are with you and JR. Having been there I know how hard this is. But we all find strength we didn't know we had. Cherish this time that you still have together


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I pray for comfort and strength for the days to come. You are strong and I know you are doing the best with what you have. These are hard times; know that we love you and pray for you every day.

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