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Update on Mom

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Thanks to this site I have been able to gain a whole lot of knowledge to help Mom over the last few weeks. She got extremely weak and blood counts dropped so was unable to have chemo and had to have a blood transfusion and now on iron and this between visits to ER. Been a roller coaster for her and our family. Her port broke and she now has a temporary PICC line that we have to take care of daily and Home Health nurse comes once a week to re-bandage and stuff. Scheduled to receive new port end of Nov. When her blood counts started dropping, I immediately got on here and started doing searches to find out WBC and RBC and hemoglobin meant and found so much helpful info. We're a little over the half-way point with her chemo and her doctor stated her CT looked good. I must say this has made me look at my relationships a whole new way and to value more of the little things in life now than I have before. As for me, the caretaker per-se, I'm recovering from a full hysterectomy and my final visit with my gyn he said I would never have to worry about uterine cancer now. If I could, I'd trade places with Mom in a heartbeat. You women are the bravest I know.

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Am glad that you updated us on how your Mom is doing. Whew....she is halfway through her chemo....it won't be long and this will be behind you!

Your Mom is fortunate to have you there for her....her caregiver and her cheerleader! Keep it up. Am happy to hear that you have found help and inspiration on this site. There are so many wonderful, kind, smart women on this site and all are willing to share.

Keep us posted!!


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So, Mom saw her other oncologist that she sees once a year as followup from her breast cancers and he said all is clear on his part of her body as she said. He checked like everything from the waist up and didn't see anything. So great news for her today. I told her to open a bottle of champagne. She has only 4 more chemo treatments left. One tomorrow and then starts her last cycle Dec. 28. The doctor is hoping with a couple weeks off she should feel pretty good for Christmas. We are all praying for that. Eating has become very frustrating as most foods are making her pretty nauseous or just don't taste good at all or taste horrible. The only thing that tastes good to her right now is cinnamon red hots - go figure. Anyone else have issues with meat and pork kinda food? What other stuff can we try? Chicken goes down but not very well. She needs the protein so we are looking for any advice at all. It's been a long time since I posted here. Been busy with work and helping Mom. I have kept up to date on everyone here reading posts.

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