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Power Port problems

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Hi, I'm popping in from the ovarian board, wondering if anyone can shed some light on the power port. I have had mine for 3 years and it has worked like a charm. Yesterday, however when I went for my infusion, the drip was very slow. After changing the needle a few times, what they discovered is that it is not clogged, or blocked, but just way to slow. (I did use an IV yesterday, and that went smoothly.)

Next week, I will go in and see m gyn/onc, but wondering if anyone else has had problems with the port or tubing getting lodged causing a slow drip? I have heard of the port working it's way through the skin, having to be replaced, but that seems to be intact.

Any input welcome.

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I've got the same device having been installed Feb '09. Finished treatments July '09 and only used for blood withdrawals every 3 to 4 months for my followup doc appts. The last appt to withdrawal blood didn't work as asked if could use my vein??? I looked at her with concern and she told me don't worry, possibly just some skin has grown over it...??? This will not be a concern for me at the present, but if have to use for chemo ever again, then we'll have to cross that bridge. RN can still "flush" the power port, just can't withdraw blood. Crazy hum!

I will tell you the time prior, the RN had issues with the port as well. She could get blood but it was oh so slow. Might be what you're encountering now?

Best to you and hope I helped..

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there is a medication that can be pushed into the port, let set for 1/2 - 1 hr, then flushed. Works like a charm. It could be possible that there is a speck of a clot in there. I used to use it regularly in the hospital on people who had the same problem with their ports. Ask your doc about it. I had mine removed 16 months after my treatment ended...I do a lot of wood working and it was migrating up my chest wall anyway. Hope this info helps.

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