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Second PET Completed

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Happy to report that at 7 months out "There are no definite findings to suggest residual desease, and there are no FDG avid cervical lymph nodes identified". My original diagnosis was T4N2 SCC of the vallecula between tongue and vocal cords.

My Rad/Onc gave me a referral to see a Lymphedema physical therapy specialist to help reduce the swelling in my chin and neck area. He also suggested that I start taking 200mcg of Selenium on a daily basis. He said that that there is a study currently in Europe that shows that selenium is effective in reducing edema. I'm going to give it a try and find a massage specialist.

Prayers and Smiles coming your way.


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on the great news!!!! Enjoy your weekend!

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Pam M
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Very glad to hear of another "all clear". Keep it up.

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Glad to hear the good news Ed all the best to you

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Glenna M
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It all sounds good!!! Love hearing good news like this. Thank you for sharing.

Stay well,

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Good news: That's wonderful.

--Jim in Delaware

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Good news. So happy for you. Keep it up!!!


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Glad to hear the good report Ed, hope it continues for you. Cheers


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Congratulations Ed. Happy to hear your good news. Brazil nuts are a HUGE source of Selenium and at about 30 calories each really pack on some weight fast too. I make them into nut milk and drink about a 1000 calories worth daily. Let me know if you need the recipe.


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Pam M
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Keep meaning to start eating Brazil nuts - have had a packet in fridge for two months - do you think they're too old? Tuna is a good source, too.

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Ed, great to hear that news!

Ad-Bob, I eat a ton of nuts for snacks these days. Didn't know about the Brazil nuts and selinium. Have to add those to my afternoon snackies. Thanks for that tip.


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Always good to hear such news Ed and glad it's yours. Funny to hear the Selenium is good fro lymphodema. It's actually good for lots of things and something most of us should be taking.


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Great News Ed, thoughts and prayers...


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Thank you for sharing, Ed.

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Ed, that is so great to hear. I am barely 2 weeks post treatment waiting to hear my own good news. The waiting sucks, I want to know now.



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So glad you are doing well! Keep it up! :)

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Posts: 3228
Joined: Jan 2010

So glad you are doing well! Keep it up! :)

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