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Thank you

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Scouty, thank you for helping to get this board up. At CP8 I had several great discussions with survivors who did not post anymore, but wanted a venue to post issues we are now facing as survivors. There were some great articles discussed regarding protecting oneself against recurrence, nutrition, exercise, and this will be the perfect place to post. Hopefully others will find it helpful too. To chime in about who it's for..... anyone that can benefit from the discussions posted!
Now, let's get some good information here!

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It would be GREAT to 'see' some of my old 'buddies' post again!

I (sigh) just can't (sigh) do it alone (sigh) anymore (sigh)! (For any that don't know...I'm not serious...lol...hard to find a time during this whole thing that I HAVE been...ROFL!)

Hugs, Kathi

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