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Liposarcoma in left thigh

Picki Pami
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I am 55, I have clean homes & offices for over 30 years. I also do Property Preservation.

I first went in in 1990 to get a tumor removed from my thigh, then again in 2005, and the the most recent operation was August 2010.

I was told on the first two they were just fatty cells tumors, Now they believe I was misdiagnoise.

I have been advised to get Radation to my left thigh area, just dont know what to expect.

I do not have a family who is understanding or even supportive of me. I am married, but you wouldnt know it. There are times I want to scream, I might not be here please let me know you love me, please show me. It hurts, and makes me wonder, is this how I want to live the remainder of my life.

I just work,work & take care of everyone.

My only son is on drugs, this is why I have two of his boys. Their mother has drug use too, just a differnt kind.

I am new to this chat stuff, so if anyone out there has had a Liposarcoma in their leg, please let me know what you did, and how you are doing.

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I had a liposarcoma on my thigh in 1976. It was removed and radiated. I am now 68 with full use of my leg. I know this is a very frightening time. Look up sarcoma treatment centers. Only a few in the US. Ann Arbor Michigan, Texas, and out on the east coast. Only go to one of the centers as this is a very rare cancer
I just found another fatty tumor above my elbow. It has been a long time.

Best of Luck,

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My first was in my right shin. Second behind the knee. Third in my near my bladder...
Each found, each removed and each radiated.
If you would like to know more read my blog about the challenges and some humor, but most of all sustaining triumph. I sure how to get to it, so I suggest doing a search for "Liposarcoma: 10 Years, 7 Tumors, And New Technology… Beating the Odds!" I wrote it two years ago, and still clear.

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pl let me know what is the best treatment in USA for liposarcoma in retropretoneal area pl if sum one know about it...i have removed it with surgery in pakistan but i dot know the next treatment ....thnx

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Hi Pam (guessing that is your name?): I was diagnosed with Pleomorphic Liposarcoma (very rare and AGRESSIVE cancer) in my right knee back in 1999 (at age 40).

My opinion (which may not be worth much) is that your original tumors were NOT liposarcoma. Rationale: I had a small lump (about the size of 1/2 of a playing marble) on the outside of my knee (just under the skin). When it started growing about a year later I had it cut out and tested. After it was diagnosed as cancer I was sent to see a Orthopaedic Oncologist specialist (Dr Herbert Schwartz at Vanderbilt University Hospital in Nashville TN) and mentioned to him that the "lump" had been there for over a year and was probably cancer the whole time. He responded that if the "lump" had been cancer a year ago then I wouldn't be alive.

I had a radical surgery which allowed me to keep my leg. I had 35 radiation treatments to my right leg (no chemo). All parts are functional, even if they look goofy.

You are certainly in a tough situation. I will be glad to share with you any information that I can to help you out. May God Bless you. Kelvin

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