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high tg levels

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I would like to clarify on a point. I am a papillary thyroid carcinoma patient which was diagnosed in November 2009. Immediately I had a total thyroidectomy done and 1 month later I also had a high dose I131 ablation therapy done. The scan said I had a focus, which was previously undetected, on my left shoulder region. The doctors expected that it may be ablated with the medicine. But unfortunately the spot still persists. Moreover, I have very high TG levels. A CT and MRI of this shoulder spot were taken, as I have severe pain, but the reports suggest a benign lytic lesion which may not be responsible for the high TG levels. My I131 scan did not show any other spot other than this foci.

Now my major question is…..what will be the reason for this high TG levels, if the shoulder lesion is non-malignant. Will benign lesions also produce TG? What tests should I do to rule out metastasis to any other region.


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how high are your tg levels? do you have antibodies?

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if you have a part of your body absorbing iodine then its thyroid tisue

and if its thyroid tisue in another part it has a much higher probability of being cancer

no clue what a lytic lesion is so...

no clue what tests to ask

good luck and ask 1000000+ questions to your doctor

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