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I am a 3 yr out cancer survivor and was robbed as a women. I haven't been intimate in 3 yrs, seemed liked lived but part of me died. The desire is gone and the pain and the feeling of not a women anymore is constantly on my mind. I lost 70 lbs recently and feel so much better but nobody to share it with. I have a partner and can't even explain that. Not attracted to me anymore and don't know what he's doing, cheating??? Doesn't communicate and just makes me feel so much worse and undesirable, help!!!!

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Hi Janet,

Sorry about your problem. I know that there are some posters with the same issues, and I believe one has gotten the surgery to correct the closing of the vagina. At least I know there is hope. I also read on the other post that you were not informed of the dialators. That is just awful. I was fortunated to have a radiologists who informed me and issued me a dialator after the tx was over and instructed me in its usage. I hope you will find a dr that can help you with this. Lori

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problems as you and yours. Check my earlier posts and you will see some of my feelings about this issue. I will be in touch more after next week- Priscilla

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Sorry to hear about your problem; sounds like you need some counseling around your relationship.How can you feel beautiful as a woman if you are not having a loving relationship? Sounds lik you are wanting the truth from him.
My oncologist told me that some of my vaginal changes are perminent. The way I feel about it is, if I should have a relationship again, that man is going to have to love me for who I am, otherwise I won't waste my time.

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