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Prayers for something unrelated to OVCA----Update (of sorts) Read the first post

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My husband, who had foot surgery and was in the hospital a few weeks ago with an infection is back in the hospital tonight. He has been diagnosed with anti-biotic induced Acute Renal Failure. He is diabetic. Please pray for his swift and full recovery.

I'm scared.


Ken is still in hospital. His creatine has gone from 16.4 to 15.1 to 17. His doctors remain optimistic that his kidneys will recover, but are preparing him for the possibility of temporary dialysis. On another front, my father is failing as well (he has cirrhosis of the liver and his doctor --in his infinite stupidity---told dad that he could begin drinking beer again). My sister, who I love dearly, called me to tell me that she will be unavailable after Tuesday of this week and she has told my dad that he will have to call ME if he needs to go to hospital. He lives on the other side of the darn county from me. (I've not mentioned that my father really doesn't like me very much, have I?) Oh... and report cards are due next week. Doesn't ANYONE in my life realize that there is a connection between STRESS and CANCER?

On a final absurd note, one of my "so called best friends" stopped in to see how I'm doing and commented on my poor housekeeping skills and informed me that my husband would almost certainly be terminated from his job as a result of his illness. YE GODS!


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I will pray.

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I am so sorry....lots of thoughts and prayers going your way.

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Sending lots of prayers and positive vibes your way.
Keep the faith!

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Tina Brown
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Oh Leesa I am so sorry. Its not fair is it? As if you haven't been through enough as a family. I will be thinking of him and wish him all the best.
Tina xx

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(((HUGS))) to you both.

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Leesa, I just saw this post. I am so sorry you and your husband have yet more heaped on your plate. I will pray for Ken.


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Leesa, My prayers are with both of you. Praying for a swift recovery and back home with you.


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Sending lots of prayers your way for your husband's recovery and strength and peace for you.

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Hoping he makes a swift recovery, I should think you guys have had enough of hospitals, healing thoughts coming your way xx

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You and your husband are in my prayers. When is enough, enough?

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Wishing your husband a speedy recovery !

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Thank you all so much. We are both soooooo done. He went in at the beginning of the month for a BUNIONECTOMY, which resulted in a week long hospital stay when it became infected. He got a call on Wednesday to go to the ER. Ken's creatine level is 16.4 (normal is around 1). Effectively, his kidneys have shut down because of anti-biotic overload. He was on home IV Vankomycin for his foot infection, normal levels of that should be 18 and his were 100.

This man, who was so positive for me during my surgery and chemo, is so negative for his own health, has me turned inside out. He is my other half, and I need him to get well...soon. So far, most health care professionals I have talked to have told me that they "expect" him to come out of this okay once the antibiotic levels straighten out. But the creatine level is SO damn high!

I think I'm more scared for him than I ever was for me. Does that make sense?

Hugs to all and I am eternally grateful for all the Prayers and Good Wishes!,


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Being more frightened for your husband than you were for yourself makes perfect sense to me. We go into survival mode when we're dealing with our own disease process and I never realized how it really effects the people in my life till last spring when my brother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He had a horrible surgery, but has recovered well from it. It was agony for me and of course, everyone else in the family. It was even harder because I've spent all year chemoing. He has to now get a port and start chemo... I wish I could do it for him for I'm a pro at this.

I'm so sorry that you and your husband can get past this very soon. Here's sending along hugs right back at ya. We'll be waiting to hear the latest news.

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wishing you both the best.

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My thoughts are with you and your family. Jenny

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been away for a few days, and just saw your message. You have made it through so much, and really needed a rest, I'm so sorry. Rest in God's grace and let him battle this for you.
Praying for you and Ken,

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I pray that you and your husband make it through this trial and I have total faith that you will!! God Bless!

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Thinking about you Leesa!

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Wow....it never seems to get better, does it?

Here's hoping your dad won't require your services as a taxi driver, and your good friend is plagued with horribly painful (though not lasting or serious) bumps on her tongue, preventing her from speaking again until after things have calmed down at your house. As for report cards, just give everyone an "A".

On a serious note, Leesa, I do hope Ken gets better soon, and I really doubt this illness will have any effect on his job. People get sick all the time and are rarely terminated because of it.

Remember my mantra....you will never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option you have.


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Gosh Leesa,
I was so sorry to read your post. I wish we could be all in one little ovarian cancer cluster town to support each other. You certainly have more than anybody should at one time.
'Hoping your situation improves for you and your hubby fast! Cyberhugs, Ginny

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Dear Leesa
I hope things get better.
My prayers and hugs.

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