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Oh Happy Day

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Wow this has been such a big day for me. Had blood work earlier this month and then had a CT scan on October 15. This six month scan is always so scary for me as this will tell if the cancer has come back. Waiting from October 15 until today which is the 27th to go to the oncologist and get the results has set me in panic attacks. I have been taking Atavin to help calm my nerves but it still doesn't help much.

Saw Dr. today and she said that the CT scan came back perfectly clean. They did note that I had a hernia which I never new about so I guess if it gets worse I need more surgery, but many people live with these so far so good.

Low Red and White count and my lymphocyte level is low. She wanted to take a blood test and test me for lupus or HIV, but I asked her if this was really necessary because she said that all this was normal before chemo and this is a chemo induced effect. I just didn't want any more tests if this wasn't necessary but I did ask once more. "If you think that I need this than I will." She said no that's ok. All other blood levels are perfect. Kidneys, sugar levels, liver, and CEA (cancer marker) is all such in the normal range - yipeeeeee.

She looked at my history of when I was diagnosed, surgery and procedures I had done. Knew of my recent colonoscopy and noted that that was normal and even mentioned that I would only need one every three years, but I told her that Dr. Lee (surgeon) said to come back in December. Guess I'll discuss that with him then because I'm not sure about the frequency of colonoscopy's with my case.

Good news is that she said that I only need to see her every six months now instead of three and I asked about the blood tests and she said "no only six months now." I was so excited. Then the better news "you only have to do the CT scans every year now. If you would prefer, you don't have to do any more scans if you don't want." My mouth just dropped and looked at Walt (husband) and wanted to give him a "high five". I told her I would prefer a yearly scan and do the chest, abdomen, and pelvic. And she agreed with that.

I'm still having neuropathy in hands and feet which I'm still taking medicine for. Don't know if it will ever get better. But I'm learning to live with it. Just sometimes feel that the feet will give out because I can't feel them all the time.

Bathroom issues are still an issue. This is something that I take one day at a time. I try to make every event that our children have scheduled, but some days are worse than others. But I'm happy that most events I can make. This is really hard on me as I'm sometimes tied to being home. Dr. Lee (surgeon) said it could take 2 or more years, and I'm willing to wait.

Most of all, I'm still NED and I'm one happy camper.

Doing the naked happy dance - oh tomorrow - I've been too stressed today to wait for the news and I'm just not in the mood. Oh hubby is going to like tomorrow :)

Thank you all for your prayers and good vibes :)


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I think you should have high fived your hubby right there in the office. That's all fabulous news!!! So glad for you!


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What a fabulous appointment you had today; so much good news + so much to celebrate! I am really happy for you + hope you have a chance to celebrate all this wonderfulness!

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Wow such great news, I bet you are walking on clouds right now.


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That is just wonderful, fabulous, glorious news!!!! Thank you for sharing! :)


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Kim, I am so happy for u. Hope you get to have a nice celebration dinner. U deserve girl.. Petrina

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this are real god news!

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That all sounds so good! You most certainly deserve a break, so I know you will be dancing soon! Extended scanning schedule is nice, as long as you do continue to follow up! Great news to be getting heading into the holidays! :)

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I'm also on 6 months for bloodwork and yearly for the CT scan.

Congrats Kim!!!

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Yiipee, Yippe Heyyyyyyyy.............!

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And, as time goes on, having tests, etc will soften to the blur of history...

Go out there and LIVE, dearheart!!!

(I refused to stay locked at home, when my potty troubles were still always with me. Turns out, by finding work-arounds, like not eating heavy till I got back home from an activity, I could enjoy my day, AND my toilet issues resolved faster!)

Hugs, Kathi

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Just wanted to share with you - I'm almost 3 years out of treatment and I still have low red and white blood counts. But they are stable - they don't rise or drop - they just stay low normal. I did have a bone marrow biopsy but it didn't show anything so it's a mystery.

As for restroom issues - it does get better with time but doesn't seem to go back to the way things were. Urgency is a problem with me.

So glad you are doing well and going to 6 month scans now.

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news!!! We needed to hear some good news!

Take care and enjoy!


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I am very happy for you and of course for your husband's entertainment tomorrow! NED from now on and forever! Lou

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Well, I can't add more than the group has already offered other than I'm sooo very happy for you, Kim!

Moving to yearly scans is a huge deal - it's a big victory to be sure.

Continued best and I'm sure the road will be all clear from here on in for you:)


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Great news! I'm dancing with you, girl!!


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Go out and celebrate!!

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I'm so happy to hear your good news. I'll send out some more good vibes that you continue to get out to those events that you want to make it to and that your numbers come back up soon. Not go back until 6 months? Woo Hoo!

Fight for my love
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Congratulations!I am happy for you.

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Nana b
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Try supreme greens for your feet, you have nothing to lose but money for a dinner out!

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I'm glad to be able to share in your wonderful news!
You are blessed, indeed!
Prayers for dealing with the ongoing bathroom issues and neuropathy.
I guess they're you're war battle scars- but it would sure be nice if they'd go away and only be distant reminders on occasion. I will pray for that to get better for you.


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I am so happy for you Kim! Can't wait for the day I can share the same news for Jack. (o:
You and Hubby enjoy your dance. (o;

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i hear you were asking about me and i really appriciate it.i am in the same boat you and others are in.i get on here and lurk sometimes but for me the memories seem to clear and reading all the others going thru the treatments makes all this life after cancer worse.as we say we all deal with it differently.had my 6 months check up in august all clear and will go for colonoscopy and ct scan in janurary.sure do miss everyone but my mom keeps me updated on my cyber family.just for brooks posted life after cancer now what and that post really hit home for me.at least i know i am not going crazy with all these feelings.i really think i may have post traumatic stress dissorder.at least his post made me feel like i am not alone.as with you i have the bad neuropathy in my feet and am trying to learn to live with it.glad to hear you are well and take care.....Godbless....johnnybegood

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Long term survivors...alot of the 'old' posters, now lurkers, are checking it out...

I'm happy to 'see' you....and I LOVE your pic!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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