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Struggling with questions and 2 types of cancer at the same time

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Roughly 3 weeks ago I found out that I have a large cancerous tumor at the opening to my cervix. The gynecological oncologist says that it is uterine cancer and I was scheduled for a hysterectomy and removal of my ovaries and tubes. I had a CT scan to study the tumor and at that time they found a mass in my right kidney. I saw the urologist earlier this week and it is kidney cancer. I now will have my kidney removed with the other parts. Both doctors say that the 2 cancers are unrelated and it would be extremely rare for either cancer to spread to the other location. How can I have two different cancers in my body at the same time? How common is that?

hopeful girl 1
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You may want to think about getting a second opinion as well, but move quickly to do so.

Best wishes and healing.


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3 years ago I had a hysterectomy etc plus lymph glands removed. Stage 3/4 as it had spread to my bladder. A month ago I elected to have a L mastectomy. High grade ductal in situ and totally unrelated to the uterine apparently. Not common. No family history of cancer.
Two at the same time would be most unusual, you have the agreement of two doctors, but I know that all will go well for you.

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Well Im not sure about how common it is to have 2 differnt types of cancer.
But I too have a tumor its 5cm big in my cervix, Im also getting a hysterectomy only my uterus will only be removed due to my age my Dr doesnt want to throw me into early menopause.
Im getting my PET/CT done next week which I have to travel 2 hours for.

You are in my prayers!

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Double Whammy
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Hence my screen name, "Double Whammy". Mine were endometrial and breast cancers - diagnosed less than a week apart, each primary cancers. Makes you wonder where else something is brewing. . . .

No, it's not "common", but it is not unusual to have more than one primary cancer over the course of one's lifetime. It is definitely not unusual to have both endometrial and breast cancers. There are many women on this and the breast cancer group who have had both, just not at the same time.

Good luck with your surgery and recovery. Hope everything is early stage and you get it all out of you asap.


Always Hopeful
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You surely have a lot to deal with Archgirl. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Peace and hope, JJ

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