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I kind of got lost there for a moment or two

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Strangest thing, I went outside yesterday, and my gardening Angel had a flower in her hand, and the flower was pointed up, and so fine looking. It looked freshly plucked.
The only problem with the picture was that very same flower for the past couple of days had been wilted, and definitely facing way down to the ground. I had placed that flower 5 days ago, it was a purple and white petunia.
I suspected my hubby had replaced it with another, I looked at my petunia's and no, I had purple ones, white ones, etc., but no purple/white ones. I asked him, and his answer, was no, he hadn't replaced it.
This flower that I placed 5 days ago in the gardening Angel's hand had been given to me by a friend in gratitude of the way my cancer was getting whupped.
I had been feeling that morning, helpless against this cancer with the news of Eric's death, my sadness at the loss of his wonderful soul on our earth was profound. On the page concerning his death, my words were short, unusual for me, but my tears prevented any further ability to write or see the words I wrote. And yet, I walk out to my back yard and here is this flower, in it's glory, looking freshly plucked.
I think Eric, was saying carry on, don't give up. So, thank you Eric, I won't, we won't.
We will continue the fight, we will my friend, we will. We won't forget you. I/We loved our conversations with you. I loved you my friend, even though we never met.
So, tomorrow, we start the fight again.
Winter Marie

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I like stories like this. I know Eric would say "Carry on".

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