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vaginal discharge

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My doctor said be on the look out for vaginal discharge as a sign of serous cancer re-occurring . I know he said bleeding but what other kind of vaginal discharge should I be aware of? I had the cervix removed and have a vaginal cuff. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Lynn,

A small amount of "leakage" with a very faint pink tint were my first symptoms which I thought was a bladder problem. However, knowing that I had a tumor on my vaginal cuff, my gyn onc's examination confirmed that the tumor was beginning to bleed. Her recommendation was to begin radiation to stop the bleeding (which became quite heavy for about 4 weeks). After 10 external radiation treatments ending just last week (Oct 18), the bleeding did stop but there is still a putty like discharge which I hope will stop soon.

Try not to expend too much energy on the possibility of this happening to you. Hopefully, it will not be something you have to deal with.

Peace and hope, JJ

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ANY vaginal discharge requires a visit to your Gyne-Onc for an internal. But don't assume the worst. Once I had some bright red spotting that I had thoroughly explored by my gynecologist and it turned out to be tearing due to the thinning tissues caused by the brachytherapy I'd had a year before. Because my cancer assay shows my particular cancer is estrogen and progesterone negative, I now use Premarin creme on my dilator once a week to help with that thinning tissue.

I also have been concerned when I had a drop of watery pink liquid on top of my dilator after use, and saw my gyne-onc about that also. He said that a certain amount of 'seapage' can be perfectly normal, that the stitches up there are not a water-tight seal. Gross, but good to know.

So if you have a vaginal discharge, be aggressive and assertive about having it thoroughly checked out. But don't assume it's cancer every time. (((hugs)))

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