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Spindle Cell Sarcoma in brain

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A friend of mine was diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma in the lungs 2 years ago. He underwent aggressive chemotherapy and ended up having surgery last spring. A couple of weeks ago, he was pronounced cancer free. A week ago, he was seeming confused and complaining of headaches. Docs did a brain scan and he has 4 lesions on his brain. They will not do surgery, as one of the lesions is so deep, too dangerous to remove, not worth putting him through the pain of surgery for the other lesions. They are doing radiation for him, even though they say the tumors are not responsive to radiation. I am wondering why they are doing the radiation if this is so? Has anyone heard of this type of cancer on the brain? What will happen after this 10-day round of radiation? Will he leave the hospital? Any insight would be appreciated.

Mayra Fuentes
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This happen to my father, in last April, Palm Sunday to be exact, he was confused by
nickle, been a dime, we notice he was complaining of back pain, took him 3 days before to the emergency room, we were told, the back pain was, stones, to drink water, and take Tylenol. My father never complain, very healthy, strong man. This was very different to see him complain about the pain in his back, 3 years before, he had surgery to removed
spindel cell cancer from his mouth, surgury was a succsess, we were told it was all taken
out and no radiation or kimo was nedded, he was with the best doctors in Chapell Hill,
and Duke medical center. been monitor every 6 months.
To make this story short, this Sunday in April, we are told that he only has few days to live , that the cancer has spred all over his boddy, that he has , more than 50 tumors in his lungs, and 4 large tumors, in his brain, that he was a miracle just by standing up
and talking, there is nothing they can do but do radiation in the brain to make the tumors
small so he will have a better death. confusion will be gone for a wile and quality time will be added to his time left.
My father took it like a man. 10 day of radiation, burn his skin, and lost all his
beautiful hair. but the confusion seems to be gone for a few days, during radiation, we
saw the changes. The last few days 9 days, after radiation was over, confusion came again,
feeling and seen things. Always strong and full of God, like he was. He lasted 6 weeks to the day that he was in the emergency room. My father die May 2, 2010.
We had quality time with him, he put his things in order for my mother . He was 76 years old, but he look in his 50, very young looking and full of life, till that Sunday.

Spindel cell cancer is one of the rare cancers,and the most difficult to cure, is like a tornado going touching organs, and jumps from one place to the others. that is why it is one of the hardest to beat.

it is sad of what is going to happen to your friend, give him love, talk alot, put things in order, and pray, only the Lord is the one that will tell us when is our time.

I will keep you and your friend in my prayers.

Fayetteville, North Carolina

Jun Rosales
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My son, 11 yrs. old was diagnosed with Peripheral Neuro Sarcoma and was given less than a year to live.

I am seeking help of anyone who has knowledge on this type of cancer for probable cure.

Thank you very much.

Jun Rosales
Quezon City , Philippines

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