2nd folfox treatment

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I had my second Folfox treatment today. I almost didn't because my platelets dropped to 77,000 from my usual 88,000. It just doesn't get much higher counts for me because of the radiation to my pelvis many years ago treating my original rectal cancer. I was surpised when the nurse hung a bag of Oxi and Dex but no folinic acid. I asked what was going on with no folinic acid? She stated there was none left in West Michigan and the hospitals were out. They hoped to get some more by my next treatment in a couple of weeks. What... how could this happen? Obama care shortages shouldn't kick in for another year? She had no explanation. So I guess without the folinic acid I was still got the treatment? Still it took five hours to get our of the hospital with my pump and fanny pack. I must admit that this time I starting feeling not so great almost as soon as I got home. Last time nothing until they disconnected the pump. I started feeling warm (no fever)not cold and the usual tingling in the fingers but that went away after 12 hours. No other side-effects so far. If my platelet counts don't go up or remain constant then treatment #3 in two weeks could be delayed. Well Wednesday 2:00pm disconnect and we will see if it it better or worst for the next 3-4 days following.


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    Folinic acid shortage
    I have been hearing of a "shortage" of folinic acid for awhile.Don't know why, exactly...perhaps demand is greater than supply? Do a Google search on folicic acid shortage. Same thing happened to me with my thyroid meds a couple of years ago and it was very unpleasant.

    Hope all goes well and you'll breeze through the next treatment.Keep us updated.

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    Shortages are very interesting
    and we never hear about them until we need that shortage. About 7 years ago needed emergency tetnus, guess what I got last shot available in area. We are in a highly populated area. A week later another person needed one, also was told at another location, there was a shortage. THen when I need folfox 1/09-guess what shortage of lecavorin (sp). It was rationed out, sometimes got it, sometimes didn't. I would think this would be reported more widely and explained why there is a shortage of that drug. Find it hard to understand about shortages. Especially things that are widely used. Pat
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    Thanks Lou
    for your report. I will be hoping that your counts are goood to go for your next round. What the heck no folinic acid? I'm watching your progress.