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any one stage 4 adenocarcinoma also on immune suppressant drugs

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I must continue immune suppressant and keep my immune system very low as to not reject my new organ. Therefore I cannot do ANYTHING to get healthier. Any body else out there is same siruatuation?

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I hope you have a computer, if not, you need to get one to look this stuff up.
The way I got healtier was to buy a CD of Andrew Weil, MD. (one of Oprah's favorite people) The one I have is ( Self-Healing with Sound and Music, 2 pk ) wow, it really gets you inspired and I promise if you listen to the whole first CD you will understand the second one.
Then there is Visual Healing and Quantum healing. Not to mention meditation, what an art that is. Last but certainly not last is the Bible....Cor.9:27, Rom.8:11 and Gen.20:17, read these passages and realize you can have control of what is happening to you.
I also tried a visual healing where I closed my eyes (with music) and imagined my antibodies were soldiers and they would fight battles for me. You need to see your body
embracing your new organ. Your immune system will be your army, small but very strong.
Don't laugh at this stuff until you try it.
I'm just someone like you that needed to feel good again....I do!!!

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