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Misinformation is a huge problem. I am the owner of a group called Scooters 10 and we are touring the nation on 49cc Scooters Raising money for Cancer Research. We are not a non-profit we feel that most of the non-profits out there take away money that could be going to viable research. We do not solicit funds from donations. We sell our merchandise pertaining to the tour and the team and we are currently putting out a newsletter to help dis-spell some of the misinformation out there. As we go about our lives trying to fight for a cure we find that every single person that we encounter have been effected in some way or another. We also find that there are thousands of people out there that regardless of all of the great and factual information available will believe any random facts that some moron placed on a blog. I have had the most random things said to me about cancer. That a strict vegan diet cures cancer is the most most uninformed thing I have heard yet. Coffee cures is a blog that I read two days ago. This kind of information will kill people. The reason that we have medical professionals to help us through these times of crisis is because they know what they are doing. We want all survivors out there to know that we are not going going anywhere and we are fighting to get the real truth out there. The American Cancer Society is the best one stop Cancer Research Resource yet people still opt for basement doctors and it is because fear drives people in directions that they would not have gone in if they were busy being rational but sometimes scared is not a resource for rational.

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Thanks for your post, well said. However I think that people today are at a great advantage in being able to do their own research on the cancer that has crept into their lives, in one way or another, BUT anything that is read online or off needs to be run past a patient's doctor for sure before any action is taken on that fact by the patient themselves.

There are many reputable sites online where factual good information can empower a patient to be able to take researched inforamtion and questions to their docts for discussion. Too survivors who have been through the cancer journey themselves often have much to offer newer survivors. Cancer takes alot of power from patients and information is one area that can make a patient feel as if they are in control of their own health in one way or another. BUT, as I said - anything of a medical nature that one finds has to be passed by the physician fist.

The best of luck with your venture to help in the fight against cancer.

Blessings, Bluerose

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