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Eric has Died

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Eric's MoM just called & said Eric died a little after 8am today. He went peacefully in his sleep. His MoM said she was very sad but doing ok. She asked me to pass this on to his semi family. GoD.... I miss him so muci already. RIP my dear friend. Jennie

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My sincere thoughts, prayers, and condolences are with Eric's friends and family at this time.

May all the happy memories strengthen those who mourn.

I am so sorry.


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from here, what a great guy ,the best!
Rest in peace.

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I am so sorry to hear this news although I guess I have been expecting it. I didn't know Eric for very long but I was very impressed with his posts and with his gracefulness. He will be missed by us all.

My sympathy to Eric's family and friends.

Rest peacefully Eric.


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Oh dear Eric- now you dance, now you are free- hug and hold Donna tight for all of us. We will be ok, sad, but we will fight on in your memory. Rest now. Peace and love to his Mom.

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He was a life force here, he will be missed...

Light a few candles along the way, dear soul...so we can follow!

Hugs, Kathi

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We lost anouther great one today but I know we'll see him again. Sending my best to his mom.


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Following is what she posted on facebook. I saw that before I came here. So very sad. He was a precious person, and I will miss him forever.

Sandy Harvey: I just wanted to let everyone know that Eric went home to be with the Lord @ 8:00 a.m. this morning. We dearly loved him. He will be greatly missed. We will post the arrangments when we finalize the viewing and funeral plans.


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This is very sad news. What a sweetheart he was. He was simply too good for this planet, so he was called home. I'm thankful i got to know a part of him while he was here.

All my love to his family


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and thank you Jennie and Craig for seeing him just a little while ago. Hugs to you Jennie and all who loved him. I will miss him greatly.


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a bit shakey on the keys......

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I know that Eric had a long hard road fighting this disease, and that his Mom was his angel helping him.

It is wonderful that you and Craig were able to see him so recently and remind him how much he was loved and missed by those of us here.

He now is with our other friends who have passed on and at peace.

Please pass on my condolances to his mom.

Marie who loves kitties

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I am so sorry to read this even though it's been expected. He was always such a sweet spirit. He dancing with angels, now. He's probably hugging Donna and Louann, and that thought makes me smile. Love ya, Eric....

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to Eric's family and friends. he is nw at peace and in a better place with all the others that have been taken by this horrendous beast. my they all be dancing together


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Dear Jennie

Just got back from treatment and something told me to come here right away, just a funny feeling.

I sat there and read it and for a minute or two it did not sink in, and then my eyes started leaking as I thought back just a week ago when we visited Eric and his Mom at home. It was difficult to see him like that but am glad we got to see him one more time.

Now, you can believe this if you want to (or not), but I TRULY BELIEVE that Eric held on for your visit, because he knew you were coming. And thank you for taking me along for the ride:)

Eric, rest now, brother - you have so much earned that and send us a message when you can "logon" and let us know how it's going.

Sandy, my deepest condolences on your loss - you are one of the sweetest moms and person that I know. Words do little at a time like this, but I hope you can find the strength to carry on. I know you said you put all of your efforts into staying busy and caring for Eric - bless you for that. I hope you can find some solitude for yourself as the days pass. I sincerely hope for this.

This has been a difficult year and our world is a little dimmer with each candle that gets blown out. Still, better to have known each other than not to have - I believe Eric's life was enhanced and enriched by the board, and he told me so on many occasions through PMs we used to share before he got so ill.

Vayo con Dios, Eric!


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Another beautiful angel in heaven R I P Eric


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Just like Craig, something told me to log in just now. My heart is breaking as I type, but to know that he is in the arms of the angels now makes it a little easier. May his family be comforted with the love and peace they deserve.


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Rest in peace my friend.

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Oh, I am so sorry to hear this although, as a couple of others have said, I was expecting to hear this news sometime soon. It breaks my heart that Eric lost his life at such a young age. I am glad to know, though, that he's in the arms of Jesus.

Jennie, please pass on to Eric's mom the news that she is being prayed for- to get through this hard time. I'm glad that you and Craig got to see Eric- it was pretty cool that he was awake and knew who you were when you were there. That was a gift.


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My heart aches with this sad news. Cancer is such a evil disease. I hate it. RIP Eric.

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What a very sad day. Eric I miss you, will see you again, but still the empty spot that is left with your leaving will never be filled.
Sandy, thank you for everything you did for Eric, he loved you so much.
Prayers for the family.

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My condolones go out to Erics family and friends I am so sorry about Eric


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I am so sorry that he is gone.May he rest in peace,he will be missed by all.I will continue to pray for him ,and donna.

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I'm so sad. Way to young.

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Heartbroken, like so many others here, is how I feel. Eric will be greatly missed; I always loved reading his posts. I am sorry he had to leave us. Jennie, thanks for letting us know.

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Eric was a great guy

such a tragic turn for one so young.


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to Eric's family and friends. What a good soul...gone back to Spirit and he is missed by so many. I've been missing him already.

Eric, you've made me (and so many others) laugh and now, with your passing into the Light of Spirit, we cry. Love and peace to you, Eric.

Sandy, my heart breaks for you. Holding you in the Light for comfort and peace.

In the Light,

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he offered so much to this board and his presence here is missed...Pat

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Rest in Peace Eric, I pray for your family that they find some peace in knowing your okay, that your in great hands, and that you will live forever in their hearts....

Thank you Jennie for keeping us posted, and more importantly for taking the time to go see him....You are a very wonderful person...


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You, Eric, will be missed so much. You are dancing with the Angels now. No more pain, no more suffering - only good things for you. My best goes to his mom whom he dearly loved and cherished. May God be with him and his family during this time of grieving. Always loved your posts and your upbeat attitude.


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Oh dear. My deepest condolences to his family and friends. We'll all miss him on the board, so very sad. God bless you Eric. - Cynthia and Rick

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Eric - I will miss you on this board. You shared your wonderful sense of humor and kindness with so many of us. Praying that you have found peace and goodness.

Sandy - My prayers are with you. Eric spoke so highly of you and with such love and gratitude. I am so sorry. I can only imagine the heartbreak of a mother. I pray that you have wonderful people close by who will help you along the way.

Another beautiful person who has moved on. Sad.


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I'm thankful he was ready for this part of his journey and had loving family to help him.

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This is very sad news, my deepest sympathy to Eric's family, I know he will be greatly missed.

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Another person lost due to colon cancer. My prayers are with Eric and his family. Today is a very sad day :(

Posts: 395
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I know that Eric is resting in the loving arms of our Lord. My prayers go out to his family and friends. I knew him for a short time, but I will never forget him and his love for his mother. So many unanswered questions in this life...someday we will know why.


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I'm so very sorry about Eric. I pray for his safe journey and for his Mom's strength.
Linda and Ellie

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Hi Eric Mom: Eric loves you very much, he talk about how sweet you are, and take care him like an angel. Eric is very special to me, he just touched my heart, I always looking for to read his post, I am very sad, going to miss him, but he is in heaven with Jesus and angels, looking at us.

Winnie in Houston

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Eric will be missed very much, he is a wonderful human, he is a great provider of warmth as well as wit in here. His sharp sense of humor and his genuine love for all of his semi colons was evident in his actions and words. He is lucky to have a mom like you as well. We can only hope that all kids are as lucky as he in having a mom as great as he said you are, and finding it so true. You know where he is and that he will be waiting for you when you arrive. It is the surrounding warmth of Gods loving arms that will continue to keep you comforted through this time. I know how deep your faith is, and thats what gets us through times as these....Love to you and Eric for he is still with us and will be forever....

Please keep in touch with us, you are part of us, Love to you, Clift

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he put up a tough fight

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tina dasilva
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I'm so sorry . R.I.P

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So very sorry to hear this news.

Heaven has another angel,give Donna a hug for us!


Posts: 186
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I'm so sorry to hear this news...


Posts: 186
Joined: Jun 2009

I'm so sorry to hear this news...


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Nana b
Posts: 3045
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Dang! Eric, hope you and Donna are holding hands, running and jumping up and down in excitement! Angel hugs and kisses!!

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Another of our semi family is gone, and such a young age. To Eric's Family, he was much loved on this board, he tried so very hard to win the battle.

We are so sorry for your loss.

George and Tina

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Although you are gone from this world, you will be remembered fondly by many here at CSN. I want to thank you for all the great words of wisdom you shared with so many here.

To Erics Mom,

You truly are an angel and you have much to be proud of in Eric. You raised such a wonderful son who is an inspiration to all who had the privelege of knowing him. I'm sorry for your loss, words just can't say enough. Please check in from time to time and let us know if we can help in any way.


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I've been so sad since I found out about this, but this afternoon I did have a small moment where I smiled when I pictured our dear Donna welcoming Eric with open arms. I'd love to think they're up there sharing a naked happy dance, now that they're both free of cancer.


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that reminds me of the when Eric said he had a dream where he was rollerskating with Donna, that is what I picture them doing in Heaven.


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