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where is sundance

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wondering if anyone has heard from sundance, haven't read his encouraging words or wonderful posts lately.. Petrina

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Nana b
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Not sure but I think he is having treatment this week.

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He said at CP8 that he was waiting till after our 'meeting' to have treatment...

Hugs, Kathi

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Hi Petrina,

I received a PM from Craig on Saturday.

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I'm still around, much to the chagrin of the community, I suspect, LOL:)

I got back in treatment and had done 2 cycles of Folfiri and then pushed the date back a week or so, so I could visit all of my friends at CP8 and say "Howdy" and "Darlin'."

Immediately after that, radiation treatments began and I'm in my 2nd week of six of that and carrying the 5fu pump around for the six weeks as well.

After that, we'll resume the Folfiri regimen for five more months.

I'm doing as well as can be expected and I appreciate your thoughtfullness and your kind words. I'm glad I still have you in my corner.

I'm trying to finish up the magazine project and will be mailing out the last batch this week - glad you got your copy and thanks for your "order." You are sweet!


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Hey Bud!!

Did I get a chance to say thank you for sending me the magazine? It was wonderful. People are getting tired of me showing it to them and saying... "And see here? This is my friend, Craig!"

Glad you're doing OK. I really hope this treatment isn't too taxing for you.

Love to you


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I'm glad that you are doing ok. Hope that you aren't having too much time problems with your job and getting your treatments. Do you get anytime away from the pump or does it run 24/7? Good to hear from you.


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Posts: 522
Joined: Mar 2009

great to hear from u. You are one amazing person and I love to read your encouraging words.

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