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I had an invasive tumor and invasive skin cancer. It has been seven years since the surgeries that saved my life. I am so thankful to be alive but I also realize that there are many lasting effects from the radical cancer surgeries. Life is different for me now. I was given a hysterectomy because hormones make the cancer that I had grow. I also had lymphectomies on both sides where my body and legs meet. I have found that I have a great deal of pain at times. While I was at work I experienced this and was told to leave the room. People can be so insensitive. The pain did pass but not the comment although I did forgive my employer. I guess its impossible to know how hot the fire is until you go through it yourself. Too bad. I also experience fatigue from lymph fluid trying to go where it needs to go but cannot get there because the lymph glands are gone. I also have effects from the hysterectomy. I find that I am not as physically or emotionally strong like I was before. Some of the people in my life cannot understand what it is like for me and treat me horribly. They think that I should be able to do everything that they are able to do because my cancers are gone. They are really rough on me. It's as if having had cancer has led them to believe that I am less of a person and not worthy of anything good. I don't buy that but it does hurt sometimes. Why can't they see that I am worthwhile just the way I am and that it took so much strength to get through this. I try to explain but even then they simply think that I am weak. My ex husband and I had cancer at the same time and we were a support to each other through this. Three of my close friends also had cancer. I am the only survivor. I feel that I am doing as well as I can and in fact have well exceeded what my doctors thought possible for me. If any of you have suggestions of how to deal with these concerns please let me know. Thank-you


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    Your correct, some people
    Your correct, some people have no idea what we have gone through or what we continue to go through long after treatments end. Hold your head high and do what you feel you can. Ignore them...they aren't worth wasting your mental energy on! I wish the best for you. ((HUGS))
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    Accentuate the positive....
    There will always be people who just act like jerks. You and I are both cancer survivors which makes us extremely fortunate, but we are probably more sensitive due to our surgery. I also had multiple lymph nodes removed from the groin area and my right thigh was totally dead for still is sensitive after 3 years. My hair is totally different since it grew back (it has a mind of its own!!), but I try to remember when I did not have hair and how I could have lost my life. Remember that survivors are strong people and ignore the insensitive people out there...they will sap your positive energy if you let them. One of the few things you can control is your reaction to things.