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asking for prayers again (results)

Marsha Mulvey
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Last Monday I had my first scan since this flare-up started in mid August. There's some good news, the spots in the bones are stable, the lymph nodes have not become enlarged again, and my onc says we have lots of options available. The bad news however is that there is growth evident in the liver, both on the existing tumors and some new (if very small) lesions. The tumors in the breast have continued their growth too. After extremely significant shrinkage between Feb. and July, they are now larger than they were at diagnosis. What was the larger area in Feb (6cm) is now 5cm and the tumor that was 5cm in Feb is now 7cm.

So...on Friday we replaced the Taxotere with NAVELBINE, weekly. I'll continue Herceptin weekly and Zometa once every 4 weeks. If anyone has experienced Navelbine, please share your knowledge with me.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I do you. Best wishes and God bless us all.

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Sorry, I have'nt heard of Navelbine before, but you are in my prayers and thoughts.
Take care sister and I hope someone will share with you there experience.

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no experience with this but i will keep u in my prayers....

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You are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Big hugs,


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Marsha, You are definitely in my thoughts and prayers. I do not know much about navelbine except what I read. Here is some info and links:

Brand name: Navelbine

Chemical name: Vinorelbine

Class: Vinca alkaloid chemotherapy. Vincristine is another vinca alkaloid.

How it works: Vinca alkaloids kill cancer cells by interfering with genes and stopping the cells from reproducing themselves.

Uses: Navelbine is used to treat advanced-stage breast cancer.

How it's given: Navelbine is given intravenously.

Additional information: Navelbine is made from the periwinkle plant.

Side effects:

low white blood cell counts
numbness and tingling in the hands and feet
hair loss
mouth sores
hair changes

Here is another link with info: http://www.chemocare.com/bio/vinorelbine.asp

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Praying for you! Keep us updated!

♥ Noel

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and keeping you in my thoughts.

Keep faithful and positive throughout this. With Christ all things are possible.

Please keep us posted.

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you are in my prayers. hope the new med is easily tolerated and works well.

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Sending positive thoughts and prayers for you Marsha!

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positive thoughts your way. hang in there, we are all rooting for you!

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Praying for you Marsha. Please keep us informed as to how you are doing.

Hugs, Debby

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Marsha, I will keep you in my prayers and send positive thoughts. I have seen Navelbine listed on other boards, for example, breastcancer.org. You might check other sites then for comments and others' experiences with this chemo. It seems to be a common treatment in recurrences. Wishing you excellent results with the treatment also.

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You know how I feel. Prayers, hope and positive thoughts are with you. katz

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Good thoughts and prayers coming your way.

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of information.

Stef: Best of luck .. prayers and the power of strength coming your way. Warriors - on your side and besides you during each and every treatment.

Vicki Sam

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Positive thoughts and prayers for you Marsha!

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Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Marsha. I've never even heard of Navelbine, but I'm sure hoping that it kicks a*s for you and doesn't give you any nasty side effects. Sending big big hugs your way :)

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Double Whammy
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The part of your message that was the most positive is that your oncologist said you still have lots of options. I hope the new chemo does its job and knocks those nasty spots into oblivion and that you tolerate it well.


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Sending strength and courage your way!! You go pink sister and kick its arse!! We are all rooting for your success.

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Marsha, I will keep you in my prayers.

Hugs, Jan

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I think Cynthia explained it very well. I will keep you in my prayers Marsha,
Take care Kay.

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((((((HUGS))))))) to you, sweet sister! I also do not know about Navelbine; however, it seems to me that so many treatment options are now available, and I am pleased that your oncologist has one for you!!!! I send you all if the courage, strength and determination you need to beat back this beast.

Keep us posted~ we are with you as you walk this path.


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DANG! I am so sorry for this news, I go to the doctor tomorrow and i think he will be sending me for a scan soon. Our stories really are so similar. i am feeling good so i really believe things are going well. I do not know anything about Navelbine, but i saw it mentioned on another site. Take care

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Just caught up on this Marsha. You are very much in my thoughts....it's good that they say you have lots of options. Take care.

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Marsha, I am sorry about this news. You must continue to be strong and fight the good fight. There are so many treatment options now and one will work for you. It sounds like your onc is feeling poditive too.

Hang tough, and know that you are in my praters and we are all here for you Love Eil

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We are here for you. Stay strong, and persistant.

New Flower
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Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way.
new Flower

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Praying for you Marsha! We are all supporting you!

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Kristin N
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Offering my prayers for you Marsha also.

Kristin ♥

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Always thinking and praying for you!

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so sorry to hear that it has come back worse. They keep coming out with new meds so maybe it will prolong this until the next new treatment comes out. Think positive, right. Enjoy what you can for now. P.S. I hope I have not lost you as a friend for anything I might have said.

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I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers for continued progress in your treatment. Hope all goes well.
{{hugs}} Char

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Sending prayers, hugs and positive thoughts.

Hugs, Kylez

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Hello there,

I live in the UK and have inflammatory breast cancer HER2 positive. This is a recurrence after 6 1/2 years.

WHen it recurred back last year I was put on Taxotere which got rid of some spots on my lung. They tehn put me on to Xeloda for a few months thinking it was going to keep me stable but unfortunately it didn't and now I have spots on both lungs, liver and lymph node. So now I am on Navelbine which apparently is having good results. I have had five doses so far - one dose each week for two weeks and then a week off. I am having a CT scan on 18th November to see if it is kicking these cancer cells into touch.

I am usually unwell on the day I take the Navelbine (it is in tablet form) which lats about 8 hours. I feel nauseous, although no sickness, and very tired and I suppose as if I have a dose of flu.

If there is anything else you would like to know about it or if I can be of help, please contact me on my e mail address Rosiethomas1138@aol.com as I find these discussion boards very difficult to find the messages. Hence taking so long to write to you.

All the very best.

Sandra Thomas

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There are so many new drugs out there to help you. Apparently you've got part of the right combo. It is just trial and error to see what combination will kick the cancer's butt.

Hang in there. Don't give up. Be positive. Be the warrior you are.

(((Hugs))) & Prayers


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Dear Marsha,
You're in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong my friend.

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Thinking of you and sending more prayers.


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Alexis F
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Did I miss an update Marsha? How are you doing?

Marsha Mulvey
Posts: 597
Joined: May 2010

You didn't miss an update Alexis. So, here it is. Today was my 4th week of treatments with Navelbine along with Herceptin. It appears as though the tumors in my breast are shrinking again - YEAH! They grew so rapidly that it was scary! Now I have some peace of mind and am feeling good physically too! Last weekend was a little different as on Sunday I felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck. That Friday was the first time I had Zometa with Navelbine and it was probably the combination that caused it. Thanks again for asking and thanks to everyone for all the positive thoughts and prayers - please don't stop! God bless us all.

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Glad to hear your tumors are shrinking....keeping you in my prayers...

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so glad the Navelbine is kicking cancer butt. Will it be better the next time you receive the two together or are they going to split it up? Sending positive thoughts and prayers.

Mama G
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Dear Lord, please protect and help ALL of us fight this battle and WIN!!!! Amen.

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