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To look at any new post, click on the created column and it will pull up the date in asending or desending numeric order. Hopefully CSN will take care of this by tomorrow.


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I have taken my precious time to flag each and every one of the posts from "dorisEknight." Admin needs to get on this and delete this "member." It really pisses me off that they are hounding us on a cancer support forum.

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It's a bot - a program specifically written to come in and drop it's payload of spam. I feel sorry for the CSN people and all the housekeeping they'll need to do by Monday ;-(

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Thank you Stayingcalm, You learn something new everyday. Lori

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I think this is why on many sites you have to put in an automatic 'word' or 'code' because spam like this does not recognize it right?

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