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Need to Flag dorisEknight

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Hi Buzzard,

I e-mailed CSN about her just a minute ago. IUt appears that him/her/it is simply spamming all the boards.


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I did too, hope they're not off on weekends...

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Well, Calm, if they are, they're in for a surprise barrage of flagged messages and our e-mails on Monday. ;-)

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Very Time consuming, but I have been doing the same my Broncos are losing misserbly, so might as well try to get this insensitive person off the boards take care Karie : )

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Glad we all feel the same about this "loser"! He or she must be very insensitive and not care about all of you who have cancer or us who have been caregivers. I couldn't believe how many postings they tried to sell their drugs on. Sure wish the board could do something to keep people like this from getting on here. Take care! "Carole"

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