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Jon Bratton
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i was diagnosed with melanoma last week and know i am having limpnod bisection on thursday can anyone tell me what to expect i am very restless. my father passed on oct 9 2010 of melanoma cancer after a 6 year battle thank you all and God bless you all. Never give up your fight

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hey john

so sorry to hear about your diagnosis!
i don't have melanoma, to answer your question, but i have read from other posts that there is a board http://www.melanoma.org/community/mrf-bulletin-board that is just for melanoma and is much busier than here, if you want to try it, as people only seem to post sporadically on here..
i hope things go well for you..

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I'm so sorry for your loss.
Did you decide to get checked for skin cancer becasue of your father? The dates you have listed are so closed to each other.
I also do not have melanoma but my husband was diagnosed a year ago so I have been on the other side. Are you having a "Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy"? Is that what you mean? If the SLNB is what you mean, my husband had his done and they only ended up taking one node out and all was fine. He has a little numbness around the area which we assume is some nerve damage but he is okay with it. You don't mention how deep the melanoma was, what stage or Clarks Level. Usually you don't have the SLNB unless the depth is 1mm or greater. There was another post with a link for you to try as there is not that much traffic on this site. My favorite when my husband was diagnosed and I still go to everyday is: http://melanomaintl.org/ Once there click on connect to community. Everyone is so helpful on this site and you will get a quicker answer than here. Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with this site as I occassionaly check this one too but there is more of a family atmosphere on the other.
Take care of yourself...

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I was diagnosed with melanoma in July and since have had 3 surgeries.
I had a piece of my calf removed as well as my nodes. They only problem I had with the nodes was the draining.
It is discomfort like any surgery and you will have a drain tube put in (I presume you will). The nodes they removed on me were in my groin.
The drain was more uncomfortable then the surgery area itself.
If your draining goes well, you should have the tube removed within a week and move forward from that.
I hope all goes well with your procedure.

Take care!

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