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Nothing to do with cancer

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Hi All,
I just wanted to share this with you. It has nothing to do with cancer, tx, recovery etc.
My youngest daughter (28)who lives with us, is flying to Boston for the weekend. Her best friend moved back to Boston this summer. So they miss each other a lot. Well her friend has this WONDERFUl boyfriend. He called Kim, my daughter and said he wanted to fly her out for her friends birthday. He is paying to fly her and paying for her to go with the best friend to a concert they both love. And all of this is a surprise for the best friend. The friend thinks that she and her boyfriend are going to the concert on Sat night. So, the boyfriend is planning on picking Kim up at the airport and taking her to the friends house and saying Surprise Happy Birthday !! To be young and in love. What a great guy this friend has. Just thinking about it makes me feel good and hopeful. To hop on a plane and fly cross country for the weekend and to be young and healthy. Oh the joy of youth....
Peaceful healing all
Have a wonderful weekend, even if your not flying cross country...

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That is a wonderful present! Hope she has a great time!

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Nice. I love that. Here's another one:

My daughter (33 yrs old) came home on Sept 24 to help us. She wanted to give her Dad a break from cooking and wanted to be with me. This was right after I had a very serious allergic reaction to treatment. That Sunday she went for a run and had a horrible accident. Ended up in the ER (The same one I went to on that Tuesday) all day - double layers of stitches in her knee and staples. Two things struck me about this. She selflessly came here to help us and got hurt. And her boyfriend stayed with her thru the entire ER ordeal as well as sleeping on the floor next to her bed so that he wouldn't disturb her but was there for her the entire time for days here and weeks at home.(She's now in physical therapy - will be fine eventually)

Her love for us and his love for her just make me cry for the sheer beauty of it. I am blessed.

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