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1st lab checkup

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Hey Y'all, sorry I haven't posted in awhile...most of you know that I was moving into a new house. I'm pretty much comfortable, but Trace has been no help, so I push myself harder than I should. My lab appt is Monday at 8 am. If my whites haven't hit a high note, they are going to do another bone marrow test. Which hurts like a MF. And then what? More rad, more chemo? I finally got into the 90 lbs area, will lose more weight? Or more hair? Or just more of me? Melodie

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Hi Melodie,

I sure hope your lab results come out good. I know they have a shot they can give you to increase your white blood count, I hope that you won't have to have the bone marrow test, and your body has increased the count on its own. You must take time to rest to give your body a chance to heal, and the fact that you have gained weight is good. Remember that any chores that have to be done will wait for you until later, your health is more important. I pray you have good results. Lori

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It's good to hear from you and I'm glad to hear you have gained a little weight. I certainly hope your labs show the WBC to be on the rise so you won't have to undergo the bone marrow test. As for pushing yourself--STOP! All the things that you think NEED to be done can wait until you are stronger. I know it's not easy to just let things go, but your #1 priority must be getting back your health. Please let us know what your lab results are. Get some rest over the weekend!


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Hi Melodie - have you gotten your results yet? Hope that they came out well. Hang in there...rest a bit in between all this cleaning and organizing. I do understand the situation but you need to take care of yourself first. I have noticed my hair is still falling out but then when I think about it I'm only 10 weeks out from treatment. I think I keep expecting to have boundless energy, thick hair, gaining weight and feeling fine...hmmm, wait, still recovering. Have to remind myself of that as you should be doing the same thing. Let us know how the tests went. Marilyne

p.S. Going for my three month scans tomorrow. Quite nervous. Am trying to keep busy setting up for a boutique in my house but this plays on my mind anyway. when are your scans scheduled? You were not too far behind me so they should be coming up soon too? Keep me posted.

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Hope all your tests come back with great news! I will be keeping you both in my prayers.

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