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Is anybody else using CETUXIMAB as for targeted treatment of stage iv lung cancer?

My wife was diagnosed 6 weeks ago at age 40 and non-smoker. She is taking a carboplatin, taxol, and avastin.

As part of a study she is being given cetuximab. So every week she receives cetuximab, and every three weeks she receives ALL 4.

She had a slight rash after the first treatment, and really broke out after the second one. We have had to absorb a lot of information real quickly, and one thing that we did not understand that in other studies, the worse the rash, the higher level of response and longevity. So while last weekend I was feeling sorry for her that her skin was burning and she has the acne like rash all over her face, back chest and head, I am now thrilled. I don't want it to get so bad that they withold treatment, but want it to go right to the line.

Just curious of others experiences.

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That sounds like a seriously heavy-duty treatment! I just want to say one thing - Cetuximab is an EGFR inhibitor like Tarceva, and I know that until just recently doctors were saying the same thing about Tarceva: the worse the rash, the better the response. It turns out not to be entirely true, or at least not predictably so. As I type this, my eyes are red and watering, my face is red, and I have itchy red bumps on my arms, because I upped my Tarceva dosage in the hopes of coaxing a few more months out of it, so I do hope the saying holds true this time, for both your wife's Cetuximab and my Tarceva =)

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You are correct regarding the rash. While there is a strong correlation it (from the research I have found) is not a certainty. It seems though that in some studies, those that NO ONE that did not get a rash derived a benefit. While the group that had the worst rash also had the highest percentage of people that received a benefit. While there is more to be learned it appears to be IF NO RASH, NO BENEFIT.... IF A RASH, THEN maybe A BENEFIT.

And yes I hope this works!

Deb- I have only been on this site for a short time. Maybe ten days. As I mentioned in an earlier post my wife was diagnosed with NSCLC at age 40 on September 10th. This was six weeks after my mother died of metastic brest cancer. In the short time that I have been on this site, I have found a lot of useful info and support from many posters. YOU, Deb are at the top of the list in delivering knowledge in a clear, concise, caring manner. THANK YOU!

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